#DropTheMic Vol. 02 / Ep. 02 – Light Me Up


Light me up / take me up

Up, up, up & away / to a brand new day

Living a new Life, off a ways / Away from the chase


Light me up / hit me up

Up, up, up today / & I’ll answer as Jay

Living this daily Life, off in a dream / Plotting about my next writing scheme


Light me up / let me up

Up, up, up-dog, down / Poet, Painter, Clown

Living as best as I can / Giving thanks upstairs to the Man


Light me up/ Light me up

& away

Aloha Ke Akua

A few years back, when the walls felt as though they were tumbling down, I traveled across the US twice, honoring dreams and following signs.

It was a crazy time filled with healing, many tears, and a reservoir of hope that never ran dry.  Probably because everywhere I went, you know what I found?


It was the map of Oahu on a shelf of a random book store  that I wandered into in Seattle near Pioneer.

The Pidgin accents of a black woman and a white man standing behind me on a plane to Newark.

The woman whose family was from Hawaii but who grew up in New Orleans speaking with a thick Cajun accent asking me: “Do you unna’stand?”

A Kauai Pride t-shirt picked up on a honeymoon that some dude leaving Houston on his way to Maryland was wearing.

An old friend, the kindness of strangers, family, everything. Hawaii radiated everywhere I went even though I was not physically in the islands.

As I looked out the ocean upon my first return, pride swallowed, ego deflated, and Heart broken wide open.  I laughed and cried as I looked out at the ocean because it was in that moment that I knew the only Truth that matters…

Aloha Ke Akua

Live Mindfully With Mobile Technology


My teacher once told me:

“Everything is so fast nowadays, Dear, you’ve got the internet connecting everyone and phones that are like computers; time is speeding up!”

About a week later, the email system went down in our offices.  It was the slowest work day (that didn’t involve meetings, because my how those can drag) ever!  It makes sense that our experience of time would seem faster because of the mobile devices that help to keep us on the go.

My interest in Mysticism and spirituality is the foundation for everything in my Life. The other passions that I have, grow from it, and having a fascination with mass communication, I rather enjoy that technology allows us the ability to communicate and collaborate with someone in another part of the world.

In generations past, it’d take a hot minute to send correspondence.  In this day and age, an idea can trend with just a tweet!

Where once I’d read the sports pages, I read Bleacher Report.  And let’s be real, I read Elephant Journal more often than I flip through my Bible, my copy of the Bhagavad GitaThe Teachings of the Buddha, and other religious/spiritual texts. Apps and sites can be pretty insightful and helpful though in a strange twist of fate, I have switched from digital comic book reading to solely individuals books and trades.

As convenient and as quickly we can consume and find content, the Internet, Computers, Tablets, & Smart Phones can cause great problems.  I am as guilty as the next to be on a device too long or as a way to fill time.  I have been to dinners or out with friends and seen how we all interact with our phones as its going.  I have used the phone while out with my girlfriend.  Let’s not even get started with the amount of text conversations she has either man…

Which leads me to last night, as I journaled about a beautiful day we shared as she fell asleep and I had a moment to myself. I journaled observations from a loud conversation in Kaimuki’s Coffee Talk the day before that, and just a few days prior in the Starbucks below our studio.  All of these exercises of pen to paper were like an “a-ha Jason!”

Not entirely sure why, but something in me (my Inner Social Commentator) drove me to start logging things, expressing, and sharing as I once did on the daily.  It felt amazing.  I feel lighter, I even slept better last night, waking up without a stiff neck for the first time in months.

It reminds how important it is to disconnect in order to connect within. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, we all need to let the mind stretch out without filling it.

I’ve a feeling that I will still read most of my sporting news online and make sure I’m updating social media because it’s a part of my job and at times a bit fun.  But as I move forward, I am making it a priority to Live Mindfully With Mobile Technology.  How am I going to accomplish it!?  Glad you asked~

Set Journal Dates

Seeing how much I’ve enjoyed journaling as of late, it’d be easy enough for me to schedule these.  Five minutes here, fifteen there are just what the Inner Social Commentator above ordered!  If it feels good and is healthy without hurting another, make it happen!

Exercise Without

One of my resolutions this year was to do 100 Burpees for 100 Days.  I was inspired by the 10,000 Burpee Challenge and am doing a modified version because I need a day here and there to recharge and heal.  In January I did do 24 days and February is off to a great start as well!  That being said, I read a lot about sports on my phone while catching my breath between sets.  So, I am going to make a conscious effort to super-set where appropriate and read an actual book if I get the itch.  Who knows, maybe I’ll start buying the newspaper!


I very much enjoy abstract painting and listening to music.  Though I need the muse to create, I could bust out more of the #OceansOfConsciousness series and see where the brush leads me for fun!

Turn Off My Phone An Hour Earlier

A cousin of mine shared that she and her future husband wouldn’t allow usage after a certain time (except for emergencies). I’ve started turning the phone off at night more in the last few months and think I can start to shut it off even earlier to either paint more or…


I love to read!  I have always loved to read!  It’s probably why I write so often.  I know that I can’t force myself to write books because that really needs the muse but why not read in the meantime?

In Closing…

When I write and read this out, learning to be mindful with technology in my Life ain’t all that bad.  I’m constantly reminded each day how lucky I truly am and I want to take even fuller advantage of that because the moments where I walk around and am awed by Life are truly magnificent.

As great as an Instagram photo can be, all of that exists all around us!

Hawks’ Cry


#WorstCallEver was trending one day…

Now #WhatsNext is the rallying cry you say?

Much like in our own lives when

One makes what other’s view a horrid decision

Yet made sense for you in that moment and

Now, some way, somehow caused an unforeseen, cataclysmic collision!

#WorstCallEver perhaps that is true & without the glory

But #WhatsNext will add even more greatness to the story…

Just like in the ocean, a high is followed by a low

All balances itself out & High tide will wash back to cleanse the Spirit

Especially with the losses experienced in Life, oh my, how this is True!

So relish in these tears, for I promise, once more you will shout!

A Champion With Heart Lasts Forever

Now #Believe and there will be no doubt…

Spiritual Q&A: Got Spiritual Beef With Life?

20150112_100946-EFFECTSThere is a great deal of adversity that occurs during the Human Journey of the Soul.

How do we make sense with something truly unfortunate that went down in our experience?  What are we to do when we have a spiritual beef with Life?

In those instances, all the beauty and joy in creation can seemingly mean nothing during the times when our worlds come crashing down.

The most important thought to consider when times make you want to throw your hands up and just say “Eff it. Eff this. Eff that. Eff, Eff, Eff!” is pretty simple.


We live through the crashes.  And in the case we don’t, then it’s not a worry in this existence, now is it?

My point is, so long as we live through (insert Eff’ed up experience here), that single breath, the beating of the Heart is worth finding a way to be grateful.

Born & Raised

View of Honolulu
A view of Honolulu

I was born in this city…

This’ll never be New York City nor any other city than the place all who live outside the city, in their towns, all those ‘townies’, them homies who call this place ‘Town’…


All my Life, it’s been me and you.  Sure I lived in Hilo, Dear, but my Heart was here, that was surely clear.  Why you might ask?  Well that’s quite easy. Sit back, relax, and let me wax poet-like, as I channel my Inner Weezy.

I was born here ya know? Way back when before there were cell phones who got smart and before pagers even. I think when I was born 8 Tracks were still around though I couldn’t tell ya because at that time, I was only just born.

I was born before both Bush I & II were in office, before Clinton & Monica did their ‘dance’ and way back before anyone dreamed a President could be from Honolulu!

“I could see Diamond Head all the way from Aliamanu” Dad told me once, then twice, and perhaps he’ll say it again as some times in Life, the best things, like ‘I Love You’ are said time and time again.

The first time it didn’t resonate. The second time it shook away the cobwebs. He can say the third but I already know that this ‘Town’ is crying as she is transformed to a city from so long ago a swamp.

Whether those tears are of joy or misery or both isn’t up for me to decide.  I hear the sounds as drills pound hard into the land, as the cars race on by, and just as time flies upon its wings of Illusion.

Honolulu has been hurting for, to, and because of change ever since she was born from the fiery underbelly of this Earth.  I was born here you know?  Oh that’s right, I’ve said that once, maybe twice now before, and that’s right, thrice and on and on, and more.

I’ve felt the pain that lives in the Ether through all of my existence.  I’ve heard the sorrow upon the wind.  But you know, even though the City she is now sheds her ‘Townie’ skin, and changes her dress all the while putting up the good fight of the beauty that comes with that change, I hear what occupies her, the True beats of Nature, that give Life to Life, now see here…

The birds, those glorious birds, as they stir the first sounds each morn, their beautiful songs singing before any cars race, before any machines pound their new developments into place, before all that fuss that gives the city its’ anguishing cries.

The laughter of the palm leaves as they swing as the wind flows on by.  And if it’s really calm, you know what I hear?  I can hear the waves as they crash upon not so distant shore here, each and every night.

I was born in this city but you already knew that.  I can’t say if I’ll die here, if I’ll remain with her but I can tell you just as she has changed, the same as pagers were replaced with cellular phones that then became smart phones, and let’s not even get into computers, little me-oh-my how I’ve changed as well.

I’ve shed many a tear or two or three beyond I lost count at how many damn tears I’ve cried! Their salt water washing my Soul just as the Soul of Honolulu, this beautiful city, known as ‘Town’ by those ‘townies’ who live in their towns, call her, has that ocean I just spoke of to wash her near by, the same as the skyscrapers continue to grow a la Babel and keep on keepin’ on to try and touch the sky.

We aren’t Kanye and Hawaii never intended this so he can touch the sky and a Kardashian while he’s at it.

I can only think, as I stop to blink, that Trust in all this Life, even if it’s but a wink, that God gives in each and every moment, as I live this Life, as I love this place called ‘Town,’ who one of these days I’ll surely leave, but it’s cool because I was born here you know.  I had to leave here already but my Heart, She, this, has never left me!

But you knew that because I’ve been telling you in the free form of the this rhyme, from untimely verse to verse this whole damn time.

I was born here and as it changes, as I change, she, Honolulu, and I, are forever bound, and we’re taking Aloha with us as we go, from here in ‘Town’ to all the world around.

And for now, I’ll bring this piece to a close.  Because it’s about Closing Time for me and Honolulu, perhaps that’s why she cries…

Who knows?

#DropTheMic Vol. 2 – Hustlin’

Hustlin’ is a song by Rick Ross


Years ago, I’d write, and I’d write, and I’d write, and I’d write, and I’d write, and I’d write, and I’d write, and I’d write, and I’d write.

You could say I wrote quit a bit…

These days, I write, and I write, and I write, a whole lot more.

Poetry, it comes and flows like the wind but when it rains it really pours there so it is still a fulfilling outlet.  The commentary is now far and between but it’s better, clearer, perhaps because each day I learn a bit more about my place here under the Sun.

The imaginative ideas haven’t moved and that’s pretty consistent as they’ve been over the year.  When I’m super moved, I write it out, put it away and it’s there, ready to be dusted off when the time is right.

The majority of my writing now occurs in the professional setting.  There are moments where I crank out a long email, look back and find no typos, and laugh because a typo filled piece is right around the corner.  In other instances, I trip at the detailed letters I produce in a short period of time and openly wonder if I’m wasting my energy, my poetry, my breath.

Such is the Journey.  Regardless, you best believe that every damn day, I’m showing up, hustlin’, working hard, and growing.  In the end, that’s what matter because is Life not about doing the best that you can each day?