J. Wading Through the Stream – Ep. 06


Life is foreign and lonely every single day of this, our momentary Human experience, of the Spirit.  Whether people are at home or abroad, the way we get sucked into our beings is devoid of how Nature unfolds…

Or is it?

Two days past – As I walked through the forest like park exiting the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan, I felt the Darkness, all around me.  It wasn’t like the Darkness known in the past, that of pain, fear, anger, hate.  It was just an empty space, a feeling that wading along a Path, sharing a Road, at times trudging along, is there, and must be taken in stride.

And for what? Shouldn’t I feel elated that my spiritual journey has brought me to one of the greatest cities in the world?

These chapters in our lives, where anything but bliss thrive, are invaluable and should be read for what they are:.

We are alone.

Though we share a world with billions of other of humans and countless other lifeforms, within the confines of our beings, we only know our single experience.

A crucial turning point in my own life happened about 10 years ago when I began to realize that the only way I can know an inkling about another is through understanding myself and processing these feelings that occur post-experiences of my life, as they wash like water over/through me.

Two people, a family, a community, a country, a world could unite through an understanding that the feeling, of a feeling, is where we already are united.

Think about it.  Breathe it in.  Wait for it – #MindBlown!

A genuine smile is understood because of the relationship to how it feels if one knows or has experience smiles.  A child laughing is a laughing child wherever you go despite not knowing what or why is causing the child to behave in such a fashion.

And sadness is sadness no matter how it is served.

In the creation of this online tome, the name came through as The Simple Voice for it was a desire to share a Universal Truth, that I have felt throughout the days of my spiritual travels through this life.  That Truth?

There is a thread that we are somehow bound, and there is an elegant simplicity about it. While we might notice the whole of a garment, a thread usually holds it all together.  Even shoes are bound by thread. We don’t always think about the thread, we’re quick to pull or cut them off as they unravel, but without thread, nothing would hold together.

The world does have some scary things out there but we need not fear or judge for though we might be or feel alone, collectively we feel the same feelings.  The beautiful, noble,  & just of Creation far outnumber the shadows that are nothing more than a pebble in a shoe.

Now as soon as I publish this, mass media will be able to publish an infinite amount more of what makes it flourish – a fabrication of a strong, real feeling of fear.  But maybe that’s the garment, and these words are the thread.  There are after all some very atrocious looking items of clothing out there.

Whoever reads these words, pause after the next atrocity you learn of.

Remember that Humans have been ‘shits’ since our beginning.  I use ‘shits’ lovingly because when we look at Nature, (sh)it happens, without thought of consequence.

Perhaps these ugly t-shirts and outfits are there for a grand reason: that we might move beyond the shroud of Darkness and breathe in all the wonderful Light that is there for our experiences to be illuminated.

There is as they say, a season for All things.





J. Wading Through the Stream – Ep. 05

Here we are.  We’ve arrived.  This is it.  This is HERE.  This is NOW.

Is anyone out there? Can you hear me?  The Seer tells me the audience exists, yet I can’t help at times but feeling like I talk with a lisp and perhaps that is why so many ears are closed and the eyes keep on with a resist


Enter Stage Left – The Shadows dancing merrily.  Watch as they wonder, listen as this sing.  So much theatre in my subconscious, what is it that they bring.

to LIFE…

J. Wading Through the Stream – Ep. 04

Ripe with chaos, it seems we’ve arrived, with a real life orange Oompa Loompa to the right, & a pants suit wearing Pinocchio on the left side

of both aisles

Aisles that seem more like trials because in the vastly divided middle, there is but one voice,

one voice

crying far above and venting its frustration.

How can we ever be a land of the free if there are those among us denied

basic rights & respect, my it seems we’ve lost our stride. Da-damn media deceivin’ ya, would you be believin’ uh, this scenario, if I told you about it two years since…

Since we lost focus on keeping the focus on Love & Equality.  Yes Love, Yes Equality, because if we can’t be Free, we might as well have those two values going for us.  Yet we value, not, not,


a single collective thing

That’s why voices sing

That’s why bullets ring

That’s why we’re lost

That’s why we’ve got nothing on moss

Yes the simplest of life, that grows in the Dark, always striving towards the Light.

So I leave you tonight, with these thoughts as we drift along, through our collective Dark Night

of a Shared Soul, one that we are all linked by an invisible thread

If you follow it to the source, you’ll see the yarn’s been spun, long ago written, and here we are just about to drift off to bed

To read

Now read that in the past as read

Tread lightly children, for what of the world are we leaving for our children?

With a vote to the Right, or a vote to the Left, a Nation divided stands without rest, though Greatness sleeps.

Now there lies the rub, ain’t this shit deep!


J. Wading Through the Stream – Ep. 03

The media, both sides, is so slanted, that it plays on the experience going on between both ears, most time the outcome ends up playing on & enhancing our fears, creating a further divide.
Yes, there are some really awful people in the world, for sure, and sadly, either way the election goes, one of those awful people will be President.
But just because sensationalism gets the headlines, that doesn’t mean every (insert flavor of the month antichrist here) is (insert generalized statement here).
Religions can be misleading and redeeming, so while a number may be lost to a cause, it doesn’t mean all are.
Police, Service members, those who protect & serve, are not all out to kill. Yes many have and will again but I know personally a number who used the platform to help their communities and far many more will do the same.
It is the media that pulls the small and makes it great. When you compound all the terrorists and corrupt officers, then yeah, it is easy to get swayed into believing all are bad. But nothing is entirely one-sided, despite, what an agenda might want us to think.
I shall admit even in Politics, which is very corrupt, there are a small number, who are just. More than likely it is their staff but the point:
We have to quit believing the generalizations. The Good Samaritan is the perfect example of someone unlike who we are conditioned to believe can do good, is in fact good, and will do good regardless of social conditioning.
Before all of these lines of limitation came to be, we were human. We are still human.
Yes we are clearly capable of awful things but we also have so many reasons around us in our lives to not be in fear, and to experience all but the awe & beauty in life.
Is it easy to be jaded? Sure, but is it worth never appreciating waking up to another day, seeing the sun rise, or set, or enjoying time with a loved one?
Yea, I agree, the system needs to change, the world has issues but no one can tear down the mind but ourselves and before we can truly overcome the experience of this external collective condition, we have to be able to find peace within.

J. Wading Through the Stream – Ep. 02

I hear a cough in the distance and I’m reminded of my own health…

Though I’m in relative good health for my age, there are “potential” warning signs that “could” lead to a condition later.

I’ve had borderline high blood pressure for years.  For a time, my primary cary physician was very worried and said I needed to cut my cholesterol level.  I did that, by over 40 points, might I add.

But my blood pressure, still borderline.  Perplexed.  I exercise between 3-5 times a week and walk an average of over 7k steps per day and strive to be mindful as much as possible in eating.  I’d also like to point out that I feel better today than I have in years, yet I’m still walking along the borderline.

Short of eating like a rabbit, what should I do?

I create:




Recently Spoken Words.

That’s not helping.  Addressed exercise above.  I guess the only real logical next step is to keep doing all that I’m doing and get back into meditation.

Ah meditation, the silent nemesis of my ego.  The practice that is rewarding yet difficult because of how much is being asked of doing, saying, & thinking so very little….


As started to fall asleep with the keys drifting to a pause, I get a call from my Doctor.

“Keep up the great work.”  Despite the borderline highs my bloodwork is clean, all is well, and I guess oh well, no need to worry other than to focus on keeping on with what I’ve been doing.

Aloha, I say, Aloha, I say.

J. Wading Through the Stream – Ep. 1.5

So apparently you can’t say ‘Fuck’ in a Facebook ad, even though I didn’t write ‘Fuck’ in the ad, which auto-generates off the first few lines of text in an url.

I wonder if I had waited a paragraph more to drop the F-Bomb if my boosted post would have made it beyond the algorithm.  I wonder how many url’s game the system with by waiting to give their fucks?

Gosh, maybe the answer is to #GiveZeroFucks!!!

Oh, well…


J. Wading Through the Stream – Ep. 01

I be on that Capt. Cloud Vibration Next Level Business Crunch


(Taps microphone)

Anyone out there listening? Microphone check…

(Taps microphone again)

Eh, fuck it. Stream of consciousness session, heeeeeeeeeeeeere we go!

Today was the first day in a very long time that I felt like myself.  A lot of that had to do with the stream of consciousness and being in it.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to flow with it, and not just anyone’s flow, but my flow.

I’ve been so mired in hashtags from #worklife, #relationshioplife, #misclife, #etc, that I’ve not had a chance to move energy and feel the hashtag that really matters:


So how did I get here? How did I find it?

“Fuck you leave me aloooooooone…” ~ Wale

I had the time to. And that’s an important realization I forget, that I need to do me, every now & again.

I cleaned the house to move more energy yesterday.  I did a little the other day followed by more the next, then some today on a project.  I exercised, went to work, took a glorious shit in the morning, you know, experienced and released an array of what I needed to.

And there it is,  the recollection of piecing it all together, stitching, not snitchin’ it or bitchin’ about it, one step, one very small step, at a time.

The words ‘you gotta learn to crawl before you can walk’ come to mind.  Well, I’ve been walking and running, switching off, I forget to stop and Breathe!

Hmmm… I wonder if that means I’ll fly?! Don’t you need air to fly?


In an interesting conversation with a colleague, I had a most expansive moment where all the systems combined and it occurred to me that it’s possible to walk outside the confines of the lines, so many lines, some I’m waiting in like, yoo hoo, is this bish moving, and others, I’m just paying my dues.

As I continued the conversation, Plato’s Allegory of the Cave returned.  I was reminded of how beautiful the true sun is, and not just the shadows.  Why do we shroud ourselves in the shadows? It makes not much sense.


That’s what it means.

‘They won’t kill you.’ The words of my teacher.

‘You go around sayin’ what you believe in some parts, they’re gonna lynch you.’ The words from Down Under counter.

Well, if I have words, and I don’t use them for their intended use, what’s the good in them. It’s like having shoes and not wearing them except people don’t know they have value because people haven’t yet seen nor heard how rare they are.

Well guess what? I’ve got a Retro release of some words, I’ve said before but with time, perhaps they’ve accrued a bit more interest.


As if anything was new.  I don’t think a bit of any of this (waves hands).  Rather, this experience is on one giant loop with a whole lot of fucked up splattered across.  Between the splatter, find the beauty, and recognize your own connection to ALL OF it.  Then embrace the suck for all its worth.

End transmission.

“We are not the same, I am a Martian.” ~ Weezy F. Baby… TUNECHI!