March 05, 2018

I seen some things, some things-things, this Life’s a dream-dream, Life’s a dream-dream.

I’ve been waking up to vivid intensity. The feelings I feels, sometimes they mess with me. Got no time to overthink but I just can’t help it. This battlefield between my ears, it make me feels so helpless.

Stop. Breathe. Step back. Release. Wash, rinse, repeat, rise up! I said:

Wash, rinse, repeat!

Life can’t be beat-beat.

I seen some things, some things-things, this Life’s a dream-dream, Life’s a dream-dream.

When I get out my head and up and out the bed, I give thanks then move.  No time for the fakes, the phonies, they lose.  If I can conquer myself, then I might, I just might feel the Sacred.  After all, ain’t that why, ain’t why, we were


I seen some things, I seen some things, this Life’s a dream-dream, Life’s a dream-dream.

The paper chase of the human race is nothing more than folly.  Can’t take nothing physical into the either except the energy we transform to so why not just be jolly?  I remember when I used to sit alone on the sandy beach when I’d feel the sudden rush of Divine Love rush upon me.

It was then, only then, in those moments I knew what it meant for God to call me.

I seen some things, some things-things, this Life’s a dream-dream, Life’s a dream-dream.

Ten years past, ten years ahead, here I Am, in the middle.  Ten years gone, ten years before, always I am, in the middle.  Just be where we be, and finally stops the struggle.  I’ve seen some things, you’ve seen some things, that’s just the fuxx up process.  Don’t worry, we’s cool, cause in Spirit,

He got this.

Whether it’s ten years past, then years ahead, or ten years left with an end for the I Am in that middle.  No matter the case,

Love’s always got this.

I seen some things, some things-things, this Life’s a dream-dream, Life’s a dream-dream.

Wake up…


The Heffalumps and Woozles

Why oh why oh why
Got damn, Life’s got WE all confusal
The herd of heffalumps be lost
while we all bamboozled
by them woozles
Don’t matter if the suits a bad fit
or of the pants suit variety
These politicians just be trickin’
Each yeah another one busted
or ‘Retirin’
If my critique
of Poli-tricks
gets old
Ask yourself why
Who oh why oh why
Got damn the government closes,
Yet they still get paid
We can’t get universal health care
but they all, they all set
after just a single day
Whether you bleed blue or red, it’s all the same
They play the fucking game and we’re the ones
left without spare change
I’ve been sick, I’ve done tired, but none of that even matters
Whether my pen hits, the words in my books are lit, or I go in and out retirement
This cycle’s been going on since the dawn of power control but guess what,
That sh!t’s expired.
Pull date long best, clean the cupboard, empty your fridges, I’m ready to burn down the bridges of the past and hyperloop to brand new visions
It’s a new dawn, of a new day, not just words, not just words, but a sound so serene and true
Excuse me as I gift the sky, with uplifting dreams, drifting out anew

Them Said It’s Dark

Them said it’s Dark
And Hell is Hot
But to me The Devil’s Cold
That Chill, like a hole run right through me and
The Breeze that follows it, truly,
It freezes my bones
These spectral beings,
Both freezing and broiling
Lesser demons abound
And in the space in between, I stand True,
For Heaven’s not just found
in the Clouds
Them said it’s Dark
And Darkness
Darkness seeks Light
I agree
For I’ve seen
And through it All
One day, they might say
J, he alright
Them said it’s Dark
And the best of times,
Go hand in hand
With the worst of Them That Said
And Me, I’m in the Wild of Spiritual-derness
With my hands raised up
High above my head
Because my brothers and sisters
Too many children
Can’t and ain’t allowed
To Breathe
Them said it’s Dark
Without our collective Voice
So We might as well be dead
Them said it’s Dark
And Hell is Hot
To some Hell is right now
And sure, why not?
Them said it’s Dark
And Darkness
To many that’s all
All’s that them know.
Them said it’s Dark
And the best of times
Are who knows when
I guess those stories
Have yet, to be told…

Next Message

The Zombies

They Callin’
They Callin’
They Updatin’
They Callin’
Pretend Ballin’
Fake Ice
These Kids
They trippin’
Balls Deep in
They Cell-u-lar Device
The Zombies
They Callin’
They Callin’
Stop, Drop,
Shut’em Down
Don’t skip my repeat
When it plays again thrice
The Zombies
They Callin’
They Callin’
(Turn Off Notifications?)


Old Man Drumpf had some chickens

Pee Eye Pee Eye Wooooo

And these chickens had opinions

Pee Eye Pee Eye Wooooo

Here a tweet, there a tweet

Every time Fox News, there goes a tweet

Pee Eye Pee Eye Wooooo

Closing Time – 2017

This year was far more real than last year.  Well, they both real, but ya know what I mean.  There were a few firsts that were pretty cool –

  • Poetry Slam – With Dante Basco no less!
  • Sold a painting – To my homie and long-time advocate of my work and I got asked to do more work by another friend!
  • Netflix and Chill – What? Don’t judge me. I didn’t own a TV for probably about 15 years and no cable, or internet, where I lived because yeah.
  • Hugs and more – Inhale

There were also some second servings –

  • Published my 11th book
  • Renewed my license to perform weddings in Hawaii (So much for retiring when that show was over)
  • Appointed to my second term on the Hawaii Community College Advisory Council for the Marketing Program

And more.

It was a full year and one I’m most grateful to have been gifted.  Our lives are not perfect, but there is always Light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyhow, as Life is Life, the show must go on.  It’s a much different ending to a year than last I had and I’m very stoked for this unfolding experience of learning and growing.  To more Love, Light, and Aloha in 2018!

Mahalo ke Akua!