When last we left Dear Friends comma here or was it there? We spoke of circles and how it is that we tend to or rather I tend to or is it we? We circle back here. Now here again I, and you, or we, us be in the hallowed halls of The Simple Voice […]

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Circles I run them I in them Win win them Circles Circling back Right here Just can’t escape, so I am back Circles Back where I started Yet so far from where I started Each time I’ve departed It’s back Back Back where I started “When I look at earlier writing…” I’ve probably written that […]

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#DropTheMic – The New Mix

Writing is a peculiar beast. Whenever I finish a project, or a series of projects, I tend to feel like that’s it, I’m over it.  To date, I’ve published 12 books and after finishing 12, Aloha Harder – To Live and Love Fully, I thought to myself, alright, I have more one project in me […]

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March 05, 2018

I seen some things, some things-things, this Life’s a dream-dream, Life’s a dream-dream. I’ve been waking up to vivid intensity. The feelings I feels, sometimes they mess with me. Got no time to overthink but I just can’t help it. This battlefield between my ears, it make me feels so helpless. Stop. Breathe. Step back. […]

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The Heffalumps and Woozles

Why oh why oh why Got damn, Life’s got WE all confusal The herd of heffalumps be lost while we all bamboozled by them woozles Don’t matter if the suits a bad fit or of the pants suit variety These politicians just be trickin’ Each yeah another one busted or ‘Retirin’ If my critique of […]

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