Ep. 2.3 – You’re on The Journey My Friend

“Woke her up around one, she couldn’t hesitate to call Ice Cube the top gun.”

~ Ice Cube, It Was a Good Day

Morning Foggy Path

Woke up about 6:45am actually.  And it wasn’t because anyone was there.  But I share this because it ties in nicely to how today started off a good day and how it has continued. Well, every day is a good day, but here’s the story to how this episode of J. Wading Through the Stream, aka The Conscious Dream Being Woke, began…

Having recently moved, I’m adapting to a new routine and exploring my new neighborhood.  Today’s adventure included the necessity to do laundry!

I know what you’re thinking:

Yay, laundry…

TBH, I actually enjoy doing laundry, especially at laundromats.  It reminds me of travel because I travel light and as a result have to do laundry on every trip.  I also play a game in my mind thinking of each time I do laundry as a check-point, or save location, in the video game that is my Life, honoring the completed missions since the last time I washed them boxers (and gis, so many boxers, quite a few gis).  Today’s check-point was located near a small cafe, appropriately named Mirage Art Gallery and Cafe, on the other side of Palolo Valley, where the Journey has placed me for this season.

The only parking space available was in front of Mirage and immediately looking at the place, I had a feeling that it was to be a magical space.  The decor and ambiance was flavored with the cultures of The Middle East, with inspired pieces of Art all around.  As I looked at the menu, I saw there was an Open Mic held there, along with options for Book Clubs and Groups to meet.  I smiled at the little wink, perhaps another nod on this Path I find myself on.

Speaking of nods and winks, just yesterday, I received an email from a gentleman in India, who is reading, my first book, Adventures in Urban Mysticism (AUM) Vol. 1.


Our Brother on the Journey shared some very heart-felt words about his own experience. I was blown away and still am because it made feel so small to put what I’ve experienced into words, sharing my Journey as it unfolds, what I learn, then finding out that it has resonance and touched a Life across the world.

That smallness continued at Mirage as the young barista there shared with me that he left his home in Compton to come to school out here.  He is compelled to serve and give back to the youth and on Faith, nothing else but Faith, left home and his Life has been working itself out here. As I listened to him, I thought of Adya, my teacher, and the first time she told me these words:

You’re on the Journey into knowing who you really are.

As we talked, I shared a few thoughts and smiled within because in hindsight, this process of discovery and feeling fuller and further how much the depth of God’s Love is, and how at time I’ve been such a sh!t, yet still, there’s so much Love, and my Life continues to get better and better.

It is taught in some circles that God hates things like sin but truly, if God is Love, there is no hate.  Sin, hell, these are spaces where we are not with God.  The only times we are like that are when we are out of alignment, questioning what’s unfolding, not trusting that this Journey is taking us home.  The Spirit speaks through our Intuition and if we follow the Invisible Threads of Spirit, we will KNOW the realness of Love all around.

That sounds all good and well, right?  It’s inspirational perhaps, maybe even stirs the Heart but… BUT, BUT, BUT!

Yes, I know the world around us is in tatters.  I don’t read or watch much news but I peruse headlines daily.   I also observe the world wherever I am and witness the micro-system of my Life and feel such reverence for this.  And that’s the thing.

The world is also in awe.

If we want there to be less tatters we must free ourselves from judgments and Let Go.

It is time we Let Go and Let Love.  It’s the only way we’ll elevate as a collective.  Until then, those of us who walk in and with Light must be who we are, full authentic expression of the Spirit, Alive in Truth, for when the Light is taken into the Darkness, a few things happen:

The Darkness is no longer that scary. The Darkness provides great contrast to the Light and is in fact quite beautiful.  The Darkness is understood.

Cause when we shine Light in the Dark, we can see.

The next time you ‘sin’ or ‘err’ and start to judge or wonder why did that happen, what was I thinking, yada yada blah, take a breath and remind yourself:

I am Love.  I am Beloved.  God Loves Me Exactly as I Am.

If you are Love and Beloved even in those moments of what in the eff, and start to feel that Love exactly as you are, watch what is revealed and how you start to view your Life.

Everything on this Journey is about knowing who you are, yes, just as Adya told me.  But let me expand that and say that as much as it is about knowing who you are, it’s about knowing what you aren’t.

No matter what unfolds, You aren’t a failure. A scrub. A bitch. A piece of sh!t.

You aren’t worthless. You aren’t unloved.  You aren’t alone.

Most of All, You aren’t evil.

You are a Human + Being.

You are a Child of God and while we might ‘sin’ or ‘err’ from time to time, all of that is so we go deeper into The Arms of The Creator.  It’s a part of The Plan, your Life, your Path, is already mapped!  I pray, I hope, I send Love that whoever reads these can go so deep on the Journey, they feel moved to tears by that Sacred Love we can be given when we walk with Belief.

My laundry finished up and I asked my new homie to pray with me.  We gave each other a pound, and he told, Bro, I feel so good. I don’t get to talk so deep like this.

I am always a bit taken back by that. Am I that out there, that it’s different for such conversation?  I live for this!  Whatever the case, I am grateful for the exchanges and also take it as, the World is ready.

We are ready.

We can rise up.  And we are meant to rise up for when Christ went as deep as He did, He paved the Path that we can follow because of the examples that exist in the symbols of His Journey.

The Path has times where we have to stand up, like He did in the Synagogue.

Times where we need to be alone, often much of that time alone in prayer, as is referenced frequently in Scripture.

Times where we feed everyone because we can through Love.

And times where we feel as though, ‘My God, my God. Why have you forsaken me?’

Every curve in Life is a piece to the puzzle into Knowing you are a Beloved Child of God, God is Love, and Love, Love got this.

I went my way feeling Light, feeling clean (I washed my boxers yo!), and excited for the new-new I’m walk into.  If there’s one thing that’s for certain, this Journey is guaranteed to give you back your deposit and more than you could ever dream.

Love answers Prayers!



Ep. 2.2 – J. Wading Through the Stream – Renewal

“It’s fun as fuck though…” ~ The Generalissimo 

Lighthouse and Sunset Dramatic Sky Edit

As we open up to allowing, we begin to see, hear, and feel The Spirit and Its expression in everything, Life around us, AND most importantly, our very own lives.  This is where ‘the veil parts’ and those moments of openness are when one exists in the Flow State of Being and that is where Knowing resides.

By Knowing, I don’t mean it’s knowing it all or being a know it all.  More so Knowing in this spiritual sense is the ability to see, hear, feel something that has not yet manifested in our conscious experience.  The shackle is fear, doubt, shame, insert whatever that makes one feel like a full Life of Love, is undeserved here.

Next time you feel inspired and the first doubt creeps in, before it consumes, PAUSE, then simply ask:


Why am I in doubt of myself when something within in my +Being feels so pono (righteous, sound, whole, will benefit the world)?

There is not a single good answer for the doubt.  But there are roots.

The roots for much of our dysfunction can be found in the internalization of falsehoods that get implanted early on.

“Dumb kid.”

“You’re no good.”

“Too fat.”

“You’re ugly.”

“This, that, otherwise…”

People we love plant these seeds.  But we water them.  As we release and forgive ourselves for being who we are, as we are, the water of Life can be redirected.  Not only will we feel better, we will feel compassion for those falsehoods are not the Truth of those we Love.

They are just weapons of the Adversary, creeping in, soiling the Inner Me, in turn flipping our own Egos into the Enemy, pawns of the agenda of Fear, that a corrupt level of (un)consciousness uses to control.  We need not be bound by such limitation.

We need only BE.  We need only BREATHE.  We need only BELIEVE.

Jesus said that all we needed was Faith the size of a mustard seed.  A mustard seed!  A little itty, bitty, super tiny mustard seed!  Faith gets mixed for many, so think of it this way, all we need is HOPE.

If a single candle can Light a room, imagine what HOPE can do for the dark corners of a single Life.  Imagine if many candles came together, what collective HOPE could do for the dark corners of a collective world.

I’ll tell you this much, perhaps we would see.

Aloha Harder.

Ep. 2.1 – J. Wading Through the Stream – A New Release

“Everything is coming together as we steadily come apart.” ~ The Maui Mystic



What an interesting concept.

September this time out of the corral has by far been a walk to remember as it’s replayed my walk from seven years past (that you can read about here) in a way I could not imagine.  As we’ve reflected before, the deeper one goes, the more expanded consciousness becomes, and wow.

‘Wow’ is the only fitting word to describe #thefeels that I’m feeling right now as Life and the World around me continues to shift.

The month began with a move into a new space and again wow, the energy, wow oh wow oh wow! It’s included multiple Light Meditation sessions and has brought me back to doing the spiritual work I thought was over (in case you new here, I used to give readings and do intense spiritual work with folks).  From the get go, I’ve given a blessing, been asked to do a blessing for a cousin who is like my sister (yay Cybil!), recorded a download of spiritual reflection, which I hope is a blessing of Aloha to those who hear it, and I feel ever more in tune with The Spirit and feeling The Creator’s Presence all around.

It’s definitely been full as I’ve opened up to really seeing and feeling the expression of God throughout my Life.  As I’ve felt the abundance in such fullness, my cup is truly overflowing.

How did I get here?

How am I this calm cat who’s stoked about existence?  When last J. Waded through the stream, we talked about embracing the suck.  That’s integral.

A friend and guide in my own Journey shared:

Everything is coming together as we steadily come apart.

Now, if that’s not some poetry that shatters duality, I don’t know what else might be.

As I’ve deconstructed myself and my world views time and time again, focusing on Love, Freedom, and Allowing the Full Authentic Expression of my +Being as God Created me to Be, it’s been a mix of intense bliss coupled with overwhelming sadness.

At the center of existence, there is a place where it all connects.  I’ve long thought the moment held it all.  By all, I mean experiences of feeling: happiness, sadness, anger, depression, and so on.  Similar to Love and Fear being at extreme opposites, the same can be said of different experiences and the feelings they evoke.  Yet in the center point, when one strips away all the bullshit of the mind, you’ll see it, KNOW that place, and how it feels.

It is where connection is planted in Love.

To look upon the world with bias is to fail to realize the connection of Love in all occurrences in our Life.  A connection can be in Nature, in a moment with a Friend, or alone.  It can be experienced in the highs and the low.

Those threads, those are the ties that if studied, will lead one to the spiritual liberation that the great ones who came before pointed us towards.

Don’t believe in mediocrity.  Believe in Greatness.  To achieve Greatness, in Consciousness, first and foremost, be willing to say fuck all the bullshit, and rise up to see the active co-creation of this.

If you are willing to go through the looking glass, I promise you that you will:

Recognize where we get too bound by condition.

Do that, and thou shalt be healed.

Because guess what?  The shackles aren’t real…


It Was Like Breathing

As I walked through the Dream arriving at the moment, once seen in the Ether, and it was just like that, at last I could breathe…

Hugging Maltese Dog Puppy


To breathe is to be inspired
As God courses Love through
Each Moment
Love, Love, Love
Held Up, Down, and WITHIN
The Moment
I could breathe
I could breathe
I could breathe
Nothing forced
No fear
Just inspired

“It’s Whatever Jason”

Wonderful Rose Flower Close Up
It’s Whatever
Wherever the Journey takes us
I knows this because I flows I been told this I suppose this is
He say, Step
We step
He say, Wait
We wait
He say Love, Just Love
Just Love
It’s Whatever
Wherever the Journey takes us
It takes us, never fakes us, truly makes us
As it takes us
He say, Love Fully, So much
The One, Who Keeper
He say, Open My Heart
For sure
It’s Whatever
Wherever the Journey takes us
The Creator leads us
We must just trust

Faith in Action


“I am the Way, the Truth and the Light
Come follow me and I will give you rest”

The way is one with the Path, the Truth is Love, which in turn is Light.

Following the Path in such a way reveals the Truth of Love found in all experiences which can only be found or experienced by letting the Light reach the farthest corners of each life.

When Jesus spoke of Faith, he spoke of Belief. Faith at times is convoluted with religion. They are not tied together. One can have Faith and no religion. One can have religion and no Faith.

Humanity minces words when it fails to believe and engages in practices which run contra to the innate loving flow that is inherent in All of Creation and seen when one observes living beings.

When Creation was breathed into existence, it was done so with Love, which was the first born child. The eldest has often the challenge of leading a family and in turn, all that follow have a hard time living up to the first born. Just as Jesus was the first to walk a Path in fullness in attaining full illumination and Siddharta was the first to walk a Path in acceptance, both examples are meant that those to come walk Without question, period.

The walk in Faith is one of profound Belief. If I lead you to water and command you not to drink, you do not drink. Why? People have become so consumed with questions that Faith is almost non-existent in this day and age. Teachings must involve the trials, the errors, and ultimately the reminders:

God is Love.

God created this All.

Therefore, God got this.

If I lead you to the water and compel you not to drink, there is a reason for that. If you do not know the reason, it doesn’t matter. That is Faith in action. If you ignore and drink then get sick, what is there now?

When the questions stop, one no longer is out of alignment, in league with the Adversary, and is in full alignment with The Path as created to lead one home to the LORD.

All Paths are unconventional. While some might be more ‘Christian’ than others, each Life has its twists and turns and I

SEE all
HEAR all
KNOW all

For I Am ALL

If I lead you into Darkness, there is purpose to this. I mold, I refine, I cultivate the righteous being within each. I use all the that is available to shape each on their Path.

“Judge not that ye be judged.”

Forgive what might seem like misstep and folly for I, The LORD, make no mistake. When I shape a person via their Path it is because I am reaching out that s/he understand what it is to believe.

Be a Light unto the world much as those who came before you. Not all will hear these words as they are intended. But everyone will feel them and their effect.

For years you have been learning what it means and feels like to have your connection on the pulse.

This truly is only the beginning. I have given you a great many pieces to slide together the picture of your Life. I have broken you down because for a time you were not malleable. I have spoken through a great many that you listen.

This Journey has always been about you connecting in depth in Spirit. No one will understand that until you believe entirely in that. Your belief is strong.

But there is more.

So much more.

Release your timelines and watch as I make your Life blossom.

Keep walking and know that I Am leads you always.

Note: This came through to me at 4:00am on September 5th, 2017.  I’d woken for about 3 weeks straight around that time. ~ JMAW