So, seize the day

I had a conversation a few years back with a former boss about ambition, and lack thereof.  I was trying to understanding my drive to do more, reach more people in a positive way, while also reflecting on what that means from a point of soul + full reflection. On the one hand, life is […]

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Therefore so am I

I’m in my third undertaking of doing the exercises in A Course in Miracles.  Here’s my story. It’s a struggle in our humanity to constantly remember and embody what the course teaches. I’ve read teachers such as Marianne Williamson (who if you stumble on this, run as an Independent, please, too many Dems are lining […]

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D-uh, dumb Shi….

I worry about alot of dumb shit.  I have worked on it, am much better off in terms of my holistic health than different chapters of my life, but I’m still human.  So worries, anxiety, fear, all those type of feels can infiltrate and terrorize the day. How does one work and move past some […]

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When last we left Dear Friends comma here or was it there? We spoke of circles and how it is that we tend to or rather I tend to or is it we? We circle back here. Now here again I, and you, or we, us be in the hallowed halls of The Simple Voice […]

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Circles I run them I in them Win win them Circles Circling back Right here Just can’t escape, so I am back Circles Back where I started Yet so far from where I started Each time I’ve departed It’s back Back Back where I started “When I look at earlier writing…” I’ve probably written that […]

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