Dogged Resolution

Duane Chapman, or “Dog the Bounty Hunter”, has found support from Hawaii Legislators in his battle against the Mexican Government.  Chapman apprehended the Max Factor heir, convicted rapist, Andrew Luster, and in the process violated some Mexican laws and now the Mexican Government wants to extradite him, his son Leland, and Tim Chapman (of no relation). 

The Hawaii State House of Representatives introduced HCR 50 (, into Legislation this session, in a way challenging the sovereign Government of Mexico.  If this were a wrestling match/movie, it’d be Nacho Libre vs. The Rock, with Nacho defending Mexico and the Rock coming to bat for his Hawaii ties.  In reality, it’s more like Nacho is Hawaii and Mexico is the The Rock and if this were 200 years ago, Hawaii’s sovereignty would still be respected…  but that’s another story…

I like the Dog, I mean, he’s too much at times, but he inspired Trey Parker and Matt Stone to make the South Park spoof with Cartman as “Dawg the Hallway Monitor”, and so on.  My only real beef with the show is it doesn’t portray things too accurately in Hawai’i, but what television show ever does?  Oh, yeah, and Beth… she’s not that friendly.  I got a semi-glare/smirk/suckawot when I gave her the shaka (Hawaiian style wave that was mistook for a gang sign when Hawaiian former Miss America Carolynn Sapp did it after being crowned).

I can see why the Legislators are advocating for him.  His show helps to bring revenue to Hawaii’s growing film/television industry. 

Anyhow, I was just so fortunate (at work) to be present at the Capitol for the Hearing for the HCR 50 Committee Hearing with the public.  Unfortunately, I was only afforded the opportunity to read about it in the paper or online. 

Why, do you ask?  Was it that questionable Chinese food I ate?  Or perhaps, it was the fact that I had mixed said Chinese food with some Greek fair, which I was trying for only the second time.   Why would I go there and not participate?  Dun, Dun, Dun!!!  The plot thickens!!!

It was actually quite comical, while at the same time horribly ridiculous because a local news woman, who shall remain nameless, barred entry to the Conference Room where the Hearing was held.  Her reason, the Hearing had begun and A&E was filming. 

Puzzling isn’t it?  How is it that the opportunity for citizens to participate in government is being denied by “shall remain nameless local news woman”?  Did I miss the memo or the change in law that barred access to public meetings/hearings?  I did move recently so that could explain it.  No wait, I work in the area, I would know better. 

Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe SRNLNW, was pining to get her shot at a network with more exposure so she was paying her dues by serving as bouncer.  Or what if she was really a government agent protecting the Dog from the the Mexican Agents who’d secretly infiltrated Hawaii.  Or how about…

The list could go on and on I’m sure with wonderful ideas about what was really going.  All I know is that it is quite simple to me, the government should be for the people, and not the other way around.   

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