Buried Within To Only Be Reborn

I know we don’t want to hurt
Let’s put down the knives
Our words already cut deep
There’s no need to fight

We were never meant
To be locked
In this casket
That we backed ourselves into
Little did we know, that buried within
A part of each us is another tomb

Each day I struggle
Each day I battle
To never let that part break free

Glimpsed for moments,
But it still passed,
I was myself
No matter how much I was pushed
How it tore at me
Fought in its chamber
To “protect” me

I took all hits, the falls
The cuts never healed
Believe me I tried
As tour conflicts were waged
Chopped down what pillars
Of strength were left inside

Until free that part became
Though only for a brief time
A few minutes was too long
Powerful enough to diminish

All that we ever worked on
That greatness
That beauty
Is it now in peril?
Did we really do this to ourselves
Because it is as much me as it is anyone else

I am saddened (We are saddened)
Throughout all of time the best of friends have made better enemies
As the lines were drawn… blurred… crossed… lost

While I look at this
Take it all in
I can still see the good
I will allow the buried to rise
Let it be free
For Right always prevails
The day may have been stolen
But our calm will reign in the end

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