Real Local Kine Hero: Angry Pedestrian Guy

 Real Local Kine Hero

if only had primo backing…

(ukulele music to the tune of Budweisers Real American Heroes)  Real Local Kine Heroes

Primo salutes you angry pedestrian guy who stood in the middle of the crosswalk by the old tower records and walmart and defiantly stared down in-a-hurry-driver guy, who was in such a rush, he had to run the red light, and then almost hit like five people.  Angry pedestrian just stood there like the champ and raised his arms in a local kine gesture that could only be described as “Wot”, the singlest most deadliest word in all of modern day.  All in-a-hurry driver guy could do was sit there and block traffic, and make ass.

So raise Primo if you can find um or the green bottle of your choice.  Primo Salutes you angry pedestrian guy.

Real Local Kine Heroes!


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