Tigers at Bay

You know, I can remember when everyday was a new one,
But was still really familiar.
I can recall how we would walk out hand in hand, across our island.
We explored Together!

Shit, nothing could stand, in our way.
A tree, no match, adversity from others, pshhhh, nada!
Eh, you remember we wen climb the highest mountain.
We were so high, above the clouds even.

Back then, I would never have believed it
If someone told me that with time
The ever emotional
Elements could erode any mountain.

Sad rainfall,
Angry gusts,
The trembling earth,
Would knock us off the Mountain

I never imagined it
Did you?
Now, here we are in an Ocean
We’re swimming alone
The wading, it breathes shared remnants
Of when we adventured together.

The water,
It’s too much.
I’m so cold. It’s so deep
We are both,
So far, far away.

I can’t even see you
But I know you’re out there.

Do you feel the same,
If you do then
That would be another thing
We could share.

I ask:
Have we really come that far away?
Is the tide really pulling?
I thought the ocean brought calm
Why is it that I feel a panging of unease?

But, I’m not alone.
Neither are you.
We have our, old selves

Still locked within
I felt my anger
Swim from the depths
Of my own ocean
And I could see your frustration
Paddling in along your Horizon

Old selves.
Old friends.
Old demons.

Does a tiger
Ever really change
It’s stripes?

I believe so
But, we weren’t careful,
Because the stripes
Will always linger.
Waiting to prey
On all of us.

If only we’d have known.
I’m still swimming.
Are you?

Fuck that! We did know better.
Our tigers shouldn’t have bit each other.
I’m going to fight this.
But I can’t. Not now.
I can’t tread water whilst keeping both tigers at bay.
Can you? Did we ever? Does it matter?

All I know is
We never spoke of such nonsense
High atop the mountain.
There were challenges,
But we didn’t focus on them.
They only became obstacles when our tigers roared.

For now, I’ll keep swimming.
I’ll find land.
When I do, the next adventure is a safari
To take out the tigers
Tame them at least.

Until then, I pray safe passage
For us, for others,
The waters rough you know,
The rain pelts and the wind rips.
I can see the sun
It has to rise
I know it will

Until then, I pray safe passage
For me,
Always for you
Even if we land on different shores,
I know we’ll climb mountains again
Scoff at obstacles
And toast the light.

I believe that.
I’m sorry I couldn’t hold back the tiger.
I was tired of being bit.
Everything is going to be good.
Someday, maybe, it’s today.

Mahalo Ke Akua.

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