Combat Depression!!!

So I was pondering the idea of being depressed and how it really is easy to get out if you try. Here’s the list of things I’ve compiled thus far which I’m sure, at least one of these can work for anyone.

Go for a walk…
Wow. All I gotta say is wow. I’ve been walking alot lately and it’s inspired me to jump rope and hike and yesterday I did Diamond Head two times in a row. The first time I timed it and I did it round trip in 34 minutes. The second time, as I passed people for the third time, the elation really hit me because everyone thought I was insane. All I could think was 1) you’re darn right and 2) the power of the mind.

Keep and Read a Journal…
Fairly insightful when you go back and think about what you were doing when, where, and when. It’s also pretty tight because you can release whatever is being stored up there.

Shave your head…
There’s nothing like buzzing off most or all of your hair. It just feels cool. Cool to the touch, the air is cool, all around cool.

Watch South Park on Mute while playing rap music…
The choppy cartoon movements makes it look like they are rapping and it’s awesome to see how the song you’re listening to may or may not relate to the episode. Try it, you’ll bust out in laughter, guaranteed.

Put golf balls in an old sock…
Makes a great, simple foot massager. Reflexology is pretty big these days and one of the things suggested is to take better care of your “dogs”. I’ve even seen it suggested to go hike barefoot because your feet will naturally get a massage because you walk differently barefoot on trails then if you were to wear shoes.

Make a celebrity dart board…
I try not to be big on hating on celebs but it’s impossible not to these days. I already talked about this in a previous blog so I won’t dwell, but hey, take your least favorie celeb’s photo and use it to improve your dart game. Who knows, maybe you can became a professional dart thrower and you’d have a pretty sweet story to tell about how you honed your skills.

Watch any news cast in America…
There are some pretty crazy and intense segments that make me realize how lucky I am because someone else always has it worse.

Get creative with food…
There are some really healthy, cool things to make that isn’t that hard. It’s a rather exciting challenge to make something great out of three random things that you have in the cupboard and/or fridge/freezer.

While we’re on food…
Eat spicy foods because your body releases feel good chemicals to combat the burning sensations.

Theater hop…
Especially in the coming week. There are choke movies out and with the mass of people going because of Thanksgiving you’ll be able to see three in a day easy. Almost as good as the dollar theatre.

Drink Water…
Lots and lots of it. It’s great. Your body is made up of it so keep it flowing.

Reader’s contribution…
Add your own.

live. love. aloha.


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