Myspace Gas Boycott

The price of gas as you all know is fricking out of control. even the gas cap over in hawaii, gas went up 9 cents where i’m at. a few years ago this wouldn’t have mattered but when the average cost to fill up is anywhere from 30-50 dollars, this is definitely a problem.

So what’s the answer? good question. i’ve seen a bulletin for the 70 million or so myspace users for not going and buying gas on may 15th because it would hurt the oil companies.

Interesting approach but it wouldn’t work. why am i, a forever optimist, being cynical because, oh probably half the users are really underage and can’t drive (i’m not talking about the the 24 year who lists his/herself as a 14 year old on their page user, the real 14 year olds.) so cancel them from the equation of 2.5 billion profit loss the brainiac, who thought this idea up, thought we’d be hurting the oil industry.

And there’s more. let’s see, oh, perhaps that another half of those people share a car or do not even own a car. so you figure we started at 2.5 billion, went to 1.25, now we’re at 625 million.

Now let’s say that for that one day, the rest of those people decide to not to drive, and boycott, or whatever. i am going to surmise that what they do in place of driving will shoot the electric bill, water bill, other bills that much higher that it’ll break even in some way, thus the oil company will not lose money in the long run. not to mention the overall 4 billion profit made. say hypothetically that 2.5 billion is lost for the year. there is still a profit of 1.5 billion, which last i checked, still meant that the company would be in the black ink and not losing money.

Lastly, just because you don’t buy gas one day doesn’t mean you don’t buy it on another day. i’m willing to bet that the amount of oil sold each day goes up and down from time to time because there is no way possible that the same amount of people buy gas, oil, whatever, on the same day throughout a year. it’s impossible. so in the end, it evens out regardless.

Novel idea. i applaud the concept, but truly unrealistic. instead of continuing dependence on oil support alternative types of energy.

FOR the people running energy in Hawaii and those going into it. I have one word for you: Solar. Despite the recent crazy weather, Hawaii still gets more sunshine than not. AND, excess energy can be sold back to power companies and/or stored.

FOR the people living in America’s Heartland, here’s your one word: CORN. I saw this thing about these farmers who invested their life savings to build a factory to take their corn and make Ethanol because every year there’s a surplus, and no one is feeding the oh around 2-3 billion starving people in africa, china, and india and wherever else. So why not make it into an alternate form of energy.

FOR any country, living near the ocean. I’m not even going to get started with this one. Just a tidbit. Research is being done on windmills being used underwater and storing the energy produced there. Oh, who would have thought endless energy without pollution because the water is always moving.

People need to think bigger than just one day boycotts and protests and immediate results. There’s an old saying, “May have won the battle, but far from winning the war.” Great concept nonetheless, but care enough to take it all the way meaning investment of more time, thought, and individual/collective energy.


12 thoughts on “Myspace Gas Boycott

  1. The only way any kind of boycott will work would be for everyone to shut everything electric down and not drive for a couple days. That means no phone, no internet, no car, no mowing the lawn. Period. The lame brain that came up with the idea of not buying gas for a day never thought about the fact that everyone would just fill up the day before.

    If everyone (China included) could decide on 2 consecutive days, that they all agreed to not drive, or use electricity, that would cause a glut in the fuel market, and would in turn help lower the price.

    But since that will NEVER happen, we have to live with the price that the heads of the oil companies decide we will pay.

    Funny how they keep raising the price, and their profits keep increasing, makes me think that their wholesale prices really aren’t getting any higher.


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