Branson/Gore Winning Idea: Technology’s Day Off BBQ Extravaganza Food Drive

I figured out what we could do to hurt oil companies, conserve, save the world, feed the hungry, and there’s more… give our technology a well earned day (time) off. 

Why couldn’t we, the world’s people, the users of,, and everything else, work together and agree on block periods of time where we boycott anything oil dependent.  Call it Technology’s Day Off or something catchy that some crafty, witty marketing genius could come up with. 

Now at first glance, this can seem like an utterly horrid idea.  But eh, give it a try.  It might just possibly be the way to help the world, stick it to the oil companies, and have fun at the same time.  I mean sure we’d have to go without our late-breaking movies, music, games, news, rumors,’s, and most importantly Digg.  But if we could agree on random blocks it wouldn’t be so bad. 

Since this idea is a winner, I’ll go ahead and claim that prize money offered by Branson and Gore and ask that they do this instead: throw massive barbecues instead around the world. 

We could even use solar powered grills to cook the burgers.  Imagine providing beef to a worldwide BBQ.  That would surely help to cut down the gaseous emissions that exit said beef’s rear.

All we’d need would be for a quality Beer and Wine makers to jump on board and we’d be in business. 

The BBQ’s would be free thanks to Almost President (or President, depending on who you talk to) Gore and Billionaire Branson.  And if people wanted, just give a dollar or a canned good donation to enter the BBQ and then we have donations to help feed some of our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

So there you have it.  Technology Day Off BBQ Extravaganza Food Drive.  Let’s get started on the days/times.  Choose multiples and we could do this year round.   

Note: Mahalo Talan for your comment on my last blog (  which inspired this idea.

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