Little Dogs

You know I used to despise little dogs. I thought it was so stupid how people would dress them up against their will and then carry them all around in bags or whatever else. All I could say was stupid people with their stupid little dogs. Stupid because they were so small that they couldn’t scare anyone coming at you. They were high maintenance. Paris Hilton had one. They were barky dogs. I couldn’t stand them

Then one day it happened: I got a little dog…

He’s part Jack Russell, part Fox Terrier and part Chihuahua. He may be all these parts of different breeds but he’s 100% love if you ask me. Ever since we got him my life has not been the same. Cleaning up accidents here and there. Dog hair all over my work clothes. You name it, all kines is going on. But you know what? He is worth it. My little Hilo Boy, Puppy Man, P-Dog, all of the above.

So to those dumb fucks on the moped riding next to us last night who called my pup a rat… I was once like you. No idea how joyful it could be to have a little dog. You’re ignorant comment will be let go this time. But if the same two people ever call my dog a rat…

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