More Aloha

En light of world events, I like talk stories about Aloha. Even small kine Aloha can go far brah, let me tell you. You might complain fifty kajillion times about dat frickin bugga who wen cut you off on da road or who wen ack dumb but I bet you get sometin small, sometin dat […]

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Small Kine Stories – Smile

Ho… Brr-ah!  Just rememba, no mattah how shiddy da day, jus smile.  Das is da main ting fo real-kine, guarans-babearans, no-step-on-da crack and break yo madah’s back.  I go tell you one story…              I rememba wen I used to work down da grocery store, eh, and how nuts would get.  You get da old farts […]

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Small-Kine Stories- Honk, Honk!

Old guy wen honk his horn twice. Twice.  Dat guy get nerve.  So, I figah I would go apologize, yeah.  Bein da nice guy dat I am and all.  Den, you know wot?  Da fricka wen honk gen.  So dat’s tree times now, uh.  So, I stay getting small kine agro.  But eh, I was […]

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a person’s true identity is rarely shown if it is shown it is rarely seen people are too afraid to show who they truly are; the times they did show the truth the values of society would not allow the truth(identity) to even be seen let alone accepted … identity is unlimited individuals place limits […]

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George Bush and The 300

It is truly amazing to me how hypocritical people are.  I’ve been hypocritical at times and I’m sure there will be other hypocrisies that I commit.  Do we like living like this? Do we know any other way? Read me out on this one. How is it possible for the majority of Americans and arguably […]

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