If I were to start a Rap Group

I listen to alot rap/hip-hop music mostly. I like to think that I’m fairly diverse when it comes to music but upon reflection, I predominantly listen to rap/hip-hop. Now, if I think a song is good, I’ll listen regardless of genre but I guess I find it funny that rap/hip-hop appeals to me.

So in order to come to grips with my infatuation with rap/hip-hop I’ve decided to start a rap group. I’ve thought alot about it and as a writer, my rhymes would be mad wicked tight a’ight. So all I need is a crew with some decent flow and a name.

I figure I’ll post on craigslist to find some other aspiring rap artists so that part should be no problem. Maybe I can battle them to see if they can hang. I know what you’re thinking, “J, what if they suck?”. Well, I’m not raps ‘Hova as some people claim to be so worst case scenario, I’ll contact VH1 and pick up So Fine, Miss M, Big L, and Dodge City from Ice T’s Rap School. I figure the variety right there would be more than enough to give my crew an edge.

Next up, the crew’s name. Now since I’m finding this crew, I’m going to name it and that’s that. So upon looking at various crew names: Public Enemy, Run-D.M.C., Diddy’s The Band, KTMT, and Tai Wyban and the Fellows, I’ve decided to throw it and use a symbol much like how Wu-Tang and Prince did (well when he was the symbol that was the artist formerly known as prince).

Wow, I didn’t realize how complicated it was to start a rap group, but eh, I will persevere as I am a true hip-hop head.

Ok, got it, I gave it 30 seconds and the symbol for my crew is going to be a thought provoking one. Hold on now, brace yourself. Here you go: a dragon sitting under a palm tree drinking a mai tai and barbecuing chicken with the hot fire that he spits.

Heh, I know you’re thinking, wow, frakking, wow, oh boy, golly gee, that is tight son. (Polishes fingernails on shirt). This. I. Know.

So there you have it. If you’re an aspiring rapper, hit me up because this crew is going to be the greatest.

Disclaimer: Any relation to any actual dream of rapping was not intended. Any relation to any existing group was not intended either. I’m joking here. I like rap but c’mon, me, rap? No way.

On a side note, I did write lyrics back in the day and called myself The Game. Swear to God, if I’m lying I’ll cut off a piece of my anatomy. I have the notebook to proove it. Should have trademarked that name.

On another side note, regarding crew names, I had a bunch of friends who adopted the name ‘Hot Boys’ for their pseudo car club. Cash Money had the Hot Boys and it was before Missy Elliot made that song, so it was still a semi cool thing. Anyway, they went and got the old english letters of the phrase made and put it on their cars. Now, if you’re familiar with old english, you’ll know how that phrase looks spelled out. If you’re not… nah, I’ll tell you, H’s for whatever reason looks like G’s. So, yeah, ‘Got Boys’, not too cool. Certainly not the effect they were looking for.

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