George Bush and The 300

It is truly amazing to me how hypocritical people are.  I’ve been hypocritical at times and I’m sure there will be other hypocrisies that I commit.  Do we like living like this? Do we know any other way?

Read me out on this one.

How is it possible for the majority of Americans and arguably most of the world to disapprove of/hate on President Bush and praise the new Democratic Congress while at the same time make The 300 a top movie around the world?

Just ponder that question. I’m not saying Dubya is King Leonidas.  I also don’t think Pelosi talking to the Syrians is of the same essence as that snake in the grass that had the side-deal with the Persians.

America is at war because of the attack that occurred on 9/11.  Sure we’ve been told a number of other reasons why the war happened, is valid or isn’t.  The bottom line is that we are where we are because of the past and 9/11 events were surely a catalyst among others to get the world where it is. The 300 has the Spartans going to war because of Xerxes’ Persian war machine’s impending invasion of Greece.  If anything, the Spartans were less diplomatic about the situation than America has been. At any rate, it seems a tad bits, ironically close to the reality of the past few years.Frank Miller’s comic version of The 300 came out in 1998.  Could it be that Dubya got his foreign policy agenda after reading the graphic novel?  Better check the circulation for the upcoming candidates and see what reads they have to get an idea of what lies ahead.  I’m banking that Senator Clinton is not reading Good Housekeeping…Just some food for thought.  People often love fiction yet despise fact.  There is no changing that.  And what’s happening in the world today is the stuffing of some of the greatest tales told and yet to be recorded.

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