More Aloha

En light of world events, I like talk stories about Aloha. Even small kine Aloha can go far brah, let me tell you. You might complain fifty kajillion times about dat frickin bugga who wen cut you off on da road or who wen ack dumb but I bet you get sometin small, sometin dat can only be described as feelin like Aloha dat it makes you smile no matta wot. Sheet, can be one small keed smilin o one big hug from a loved one, o dat strangah who just wen hold da door open for you. Woteva it is, you feel its mana, its energy.Aloha can be defined in so many different kine ways that it reminds me of one of dose words like love, peace, freedom, happiness, compassion, and respect. It’s one of dose where you just gotta say, ‘Ho brah, it’s all dee above” and leave um at dat. It stay all encompassing. It simply is. And you know wot, if can just work hardah at livin’ lidat, everyting goin be okay and even get bettah for our future, our children, da whole world ohana.

I not saying dis is da secret to life and blah blah blah cause I no think dea is one secret anymoa. Da world always goin’ have tragedy and tings we no undastand. Das part of da cycle. If we can just have moa Aloha, o whateva it is in your culture, can be bettah. Oddawise you jus goin end up wit some no make sense kine BS jus like wen happen da odda day in Virginia. Sad dat story. Even moa sad is now get all kine high maka maka kine fockas at da universities who make like dey all prepared for someting lidat. No, frick dat bra, dey not. I telling you da overwhelming majority of student affairs kine people and othas in da world of academia is one lost bunch who forgot why dey stay there: da students.

Da same ting can be sed about a plenny politicians o government officials. Dey forgot why dey dea and who dey stay serving: da peopol. But you know wot, it’s not only dea fault. It’s our fault too fo lettin’ dem slip. It’s too many of us who no say nothin o only say um to one point. And den no moa. Da End. All Pau!

So brothas and sistahs, we need to start livin wit aloha, passion, sometin’ cause if not, only goin get moa bleak den how stay already. Da cycle goin continue fo get moa worse. And den wot…

We neva goin’ eliminate all da madness of life. Always goin get challenges, but if we treat ourselves, and everyone else wit one caring Aloha kine attitude, goin be ok, goin be good, goin be great.

Mahalo ke Akua.

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