Small Kine Stories- Kids Say Da Darned’est Tings

Me and my Fadah was going Holo-Holo, uh, it was like one Satuhday richual. I would get up, watch cahtoons, maybe eat one bowl cereal but probably not cause… we’d always go McDonald’s. Ho bra, McDonald’s breakfast is so cherry! Anyway, we’d go dea and I’d get like one Cinnamon Danish and Beeg Breakfas’ oa Bacon Cheese Beescuit. I was one skinny, eh shaddup I was, anyway, skinny keed too. But yeah, I’d grind all dat, mostly da Danish bra. I not talkin no wimpy cinnamon roll like da kine dey get now. Dose buggahs was huge and ono wit da melted sugah all over. Talk about broke da mouth. Anyway, one day we went drive-thru uh and had one lady and she was supah tan da kine tan dat I goin look like one crab oa firetruck befo I could even get dat dark. So I tell my fadah, “Eh Dad, she get one nice tan.” But eh, I was one small keed kine so I no really rememba wot I said jus dat I rememba Satuhday Holo-Holo Sessions and dis story for some reason. Anyway, da lady was tan cause she was da kine African-Hawaiian uh. Chee hoo! Brah talk about shame when I tink about um now. Eh, she was supah but from wot I can rememba. Guess das why yea, get da sayin’: “keeds say da darned’est tings”.


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