Big Sad, Yet Happy, Eyes

The father scooped up His young son in his arms Much like he always did When his son was playing Well into the hours of morning Only this time was different He rocked the little boy back and forth He gazed deeply Into his son’s Big sad, yet happy, eyes To his son he said, […]

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Learning to Remember

A voice spoke That in this life There are two types of people Those who are here to Learn And those who are here to Remember The Learners are newer souls Still Adapting and taking in the cycle of life They hurt, they flounder, but they are love Those that Remember, The older souls Are […]

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Not da Cut

It’s not da cut It’s da sting It’s dat burn Like salt In a wound No shy away Welcome dat. Cause like salt Dat sting Dat burn Goin’ Heal People get cut all da time But no always get bettah Cause we ske’d get stung We no like get burned Willing fo chance ‘um But […]

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“Lord why is it that, that I go through so much pain All I saw was black and all I felt was rain I come to you because it’s you that knows To show me that everything is black” – DMX, “Prayer” from It’s Dark and Hell is hot Knowledge What is Knowledge ? Is […]

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Why you stay mad? I stay mad cause No feel right. Not like I right All da time Yeah, I might ack lidat But I know I not right all da time But just no feel right Probably das why you stay mad too You tink you right too Das how Why you stay sad? […]

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“Quiet Rage”

“I grew up, when things that were Hawaiian, weren’t really valued. I grew up, seeing that our people were extraordinarily unhealthy relative to other ethnic groups. Something was wrong. The notion that we were second-rate in our own homeland, my people being less than equal, started to grow, with that growth came anger, and with […]

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Chinese-Okinawan-Irish-English-German These are the Blood of My Ancestors Hee, Tamashiro, Mitchell, Walter And the Names Birthplaces change As do names All still walk Hand in hand With me Through me Here, Hawai`i… Where I was Born and Raised The land Whose Aloha Embraces cultures From all over the world Whose Queen fought for freedom She […]

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