Small Kine Stories- Da Sand Bah

Ho cuz, when me and my cousins was small keeds, befo I wen move
Hilo, my unco had one boat named afta my Aunty Colly, yeah.  No it wasn’t da Aunty Colly was da Kalina.  Das in Hawaiian.  Eh, shaddup, I telling one story… 

Anyway every weekend, was so fun, well wen neva had rain, we’d go sand bah out
Kaneohe side.  Was da best kine ocean picnic eva:  fried chicken, tuna sandwiches, frozen kine juice drinks in da box o da pouch wit da manini-make-um-shoot all ova da place straw.  Choke memories brah.

Dat was the first time I can remembah takin’ one numba two not in da toilet o in my pants, eh focka, you know wot I mean, I was one small keed and sometimes no could hold um.  No make like neva wen happen to you.  Eh, wotteva…  Whea was I, oh yeah first time I got to wea one life jacket, get da kine burn in da throat cause you jus wen swallow too much watah cause all da adults stay drinkin’ and decide fo play catch wit da keeds cause no moa one ball cause someone wen forget, o at least das how dey tell um, and stay inside da watah so no hurt or sometin lidat.  Stay mess up uh dat kine?

But nah, was full on mean.  Whea else you could go to one all sand beach wit no moa buildings and only da ocean around you?  Unless had da kine da tide way too high days and da sand bah no stay.  Was still dea unda watah but was like goin da shallow part at da beach. 

Nostalgias, bulley!  I tellin’ you.  Nostalgias!  If I eva get keeds, guarans goin have to take um dea, even if I no live dat side or I move back Hilo or wheaeva.  Goin’ be solid and dey goin love um.  Ha, unless we fo’get one beach ball…


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