Small Kine Stories- Wot!

Da singlest most deadly word in all of modern day
Hawai`i… “Wot!”  No laugh, I stay serious.  You no can argue dat choke fights wen start cause of somebody was giving one odda person stink eye and den said,  “Wot!” probably followed by odda choice explicit kine words.  I bet you wen Kamehameha was one keed, some buggah wen say wot to him.  And brah, da King neva forgot.  He jus wen go right back and give all da islands one big “Wot!” cause he was all piss off.  Kay maybe das goin’ too far…. Eh, no look at me lidat.  Huh, you fricka?  Wot!

2 thoughts on “Small Kine Stories- Wot!

  1. Wot? Owe you money! That one word is as old as the hills and I heard it all time while while I grew up in the 50s and 60s. (old buggah yah!)


  2. ho ya bah you know, I wen move from da aina almost 10 yeaz ago ah. and so, you know, I stay fah away frum alladat ah.
    so, butchunowat ah,
    wen baggas look at me, I still like say
    you can take da boy out da Aina,
    but no can take da Aina out da boy ah. hah?
    everybody get a little bit of Moke inum ah.

    shooties cuz.



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