Mahalo ia`oe Lili`uokalani

Mahalo ia `oe Lili`uokalani

Your vision of Aloha
For your home
For all people
Remains alive

Though to some the sovereignty of a Kingdom,
The birthright of all Hawaiian people has been forgotten
And to many, the truth has never been known

To others, it has been trampled by
The rape of a culture
Ignorance of discrimination
The pain is all too real
The Mana drifts out with the tide
Leaving us with more the essence
Rather than the entirety
Of Aloha

A Kingdom stolen,
Yearning to be being restored
A People torn apart
Forgetting the Hawaiians that
You knew, you loved,
You served with your guidance

Great Queen, your dream was one
Not far from that of a man named King
You saw people of all denominations
You loved and accepted all
Imagine, the whole world as Hawaiian

We will never know
How much this, Hawai`i, meant to you
We will never know the pain
The suffering, the torture
That you were forced to endure
At the hands of greedy narrow-minds

Let colonial historians paint the knock off of reality
As they want
Many know
That you allowed the coup to be bloodless
A cowardly revolt that would have been easily dismissed
Had you chosen to do so

But you chose to act pono
Avoid action that could lead to further consequence
Even though you would never see your efforts come to fruition
Truly noble
Truly a Queen

Your wisdom, your vision, your Aloha
Allow for a Kingdom thought lost,
But really stolen
To some day be restored

In losing what was yours
You fought with hope for it to be ours, your children

Your vision
In which you lived Aloha
Will remain always
For your home
For your people
For Hawaii
Through all time
Mahalo ia`oe Lili`uokalani

Life will continue with each new breath

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