Try Look Inside

The Swell Flows Within

Bra, the swells out there
Try look um
Dey would say
Or, it’s coming

I wen watch fo um
Try fo see, yeah,
But I was always off
Or da wave wen crumble early

Den dis one time I got dirty lickings
And da waves was manini
I wen tink
So shame, Dis not fo me

But I wen keep looking out there, uh
At da horizon
Thinking I no ca see da waves
But watch, one day is going to be da day

Wen really
I was riding
Da the wave

Before I eva knew
How fo swim
And I eva knew
What wave fo catch

To think
I thought I needed one killah board
Or that I was da only local
Dat neva belong in da ocean

Wen really
I was meant to look inside
To see
What was always there

To see dat all along
I was paddling,
Neva even need one board
Catchin wave afta wave

Livin inside da swell
One with da universe
Da swell flows within, bra,
And lives in all kine creation

Mahalo ke Akua

2 thoughts on “Try Look Inside

  1. Jason, bra!

    I love this. Thank you so much for sending it. I write myself, but don’t usually like other poetry. Self-centered, yeah? Yeah.

    I really like this piece. It hit me and I’m having a strong, emotional and heart reaction.


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