Why you stay mad?
I stay mad cause
No feel right.
Not like I right
All da time
Yeah, I might ack lidat
But I know I not right all da time
But just no feel right
Probably das why you stay mad too
You tink you right too
Das how

Why you stay sad?
I stay sad cause I love
Cause I happy
Cause I get mad
I was right
And most of all
Cause I wrong
Das when

Is jus too much
No can describe
Words stay all kapakahi
Da heart pound so fast it hurt

Every’ting lies, uh
Expressions, all no make sense
Might seem lidat


Da only ting real is inside
It’s da only ting dat wen mattah to begin wit
It’s not gone
Neva goin be
Only ting was da time no stay

Peopo got to do what’s best
Das why no can argue
Das how come no moa regret
Das why I only want good for da world,
My Peopo

Small kine mad
Mo’ so get some sad
But mos of all always goin get love
No mattah wot
Cause da care stay fo real
Even though da words wen make all da kine coocoo
Even wen seem like is all woteva
No mattah wot
Goin have love
Cause dat was da mos real uh

And das what’s da best
Fo remembah

Why you happy?
Cause I stay doing
Wot I got to be da best I can be
Goin happen, I know
Had fo let go

But what good would I be
To have given the world
To have given my peopo
To have given you
Anyting less den da best of me
Das why

No make sense
Ten years from now might not make sense
One day will
And no mattah
I just goin love
Fo’ real cause no can deny da real
Das wot

Aloha e Mahalo ke Akua


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