Learning to Remember

A voice spoke
That in this life
There are two types of people
Those who are here to Learn
And those who are here to Remember
The Learners are newer souls
Still Adapting and taking in the cycle of life
They hurt, they flounder, but they are love
Those that Remember,
The older souls
Are chosen to recognize and
To recall each lesson
They hurt as well, sometimes too deeply
Love being their only guide,
All that the intrinsically know
In doing so
They have the ability to transcend the cycle
Are here to guide, help, wholly love
To serve
All that is
For they have been here before
Perhaps many times
It is there duty to push forward
Rise above
Be the light
That we can learn
Is really found within
You are the Light
Filled with Love
This you have Learned
It is meant to remember

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