Beyond I Stop

Note: I wrote this about two years ago and share it because I really like it. While it may no longer apply, it shows me where I have been. I have come to realize that we do not have to stop or lose ourselves in something so much that our dreams, that peace, is no […]

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The Maxims of Delta, Song Four

Connections. Life is about connections. Value connections. We change the world with each moment. The past creates the future. The only thing present is the self. Work for change. The closer one gets to what it is that is their dream, the harder the journey gets. Make the journey. One is never truly alone. Everything […]

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The Maxims of Delta, the Second Verse

Something only has meaning if one gives it meaning. Give meaning to something positive. Believe that you can do the impossible. As children, we fell many times before even standing. And then we fell again. Stand back up. Don’t give up. Nothing is random. The weird coincidences (coinkydinks) are not coincidence. Life is speaking to […]

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The Maxims of Delta…

The Maxims of Delta… Throw away the shackles inhibiting the change you desire to manifest in life. They only exist if you accept them.
 Personal and social change begin when you choose for them to happen. After making that choice life works with you to accomplish change.
 Do not fear. Fear hinders the natural flow […]

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Delta on Visualization

Visualize Believe in that visualization Ask the Universe for help and Set forth on Your journey The time is now The thinking there is always tomorrow Will lead you forty years from tomorrow With the lingering questions and with regret It is not tomorrow It is today It begins now Peace be the journey.

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