Ten Minutes

I saw something there
You know,
That saying,
The eyes,
Windows to the soul

Her eyes sparkled,
It was hard to look away
The conversation danced
I didn’t want it to end
Her smile was warm
I felt her sincerity

She said she loved but she wasn’t in love
I told her she’d always love
By then, I was so caught in her essence
I forgot to share that we’re meant to love
We all love, for always, and will do so again

It was funny
The tug of fate
Pulling at me from all ways
Now, it could just be
That those ten well-spent minutes,
Were all we were meant to share

While it seems too short,
If that’s all we ever have,
Such a brief amount of time
That in itself is worth it,
I saw something there

Mahalo ke Akua

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