Real Local Kine Hero Flashback Pt. 2

*Another Real Local Kine Hero Classic:

So I’ve been seeing choke of these “here’s to the nice guy” bulletins and blogs on top myspace or inside email. Well like I said da last time, what if Primo brought to you…

Real local kine hero…

Eh, bra why you such one nice guy? You too nice sometimes but you know wot? We like raise one glass, one bottle, one whateva to you, da nice bradah who everytime get one problem all da wahine know dat dey can come to dis kane cause uncle goin take care and do wot is dat, oh yeah he listen, he not goin try make all da kine da kine wit dem. So anyway, here’s to you bradah who take care of da sad wahine mo bettah den da bradah dat like one shark waiting fo one kill in da water and den makes all smooth and springs on the sad wahine. We salute you bra cause you filled with aloooooooohaaaaaa. Shoots den.

Real local kine hero…

~ This ad should be brought to you by Primo but it’s not cause ahdunno and is solely the creative property of me dat wen write um. So no steal um you punks or else… Nah, I filled with aloha too, just no steal um, or if you do make money give me some too for the idea, shoots den.

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