Real Local Kine Hero Flashback

*This was the first ever Real Local Kine Hero that I ever wrote:

You ever hear those Budweiser we salute you commercials. I come up with like eight a day, anyway, I think Primo should make one gargantuan kine come back and buy the rights to do it local style. I hear um now…

Real local kine hero.
Kid riding bike with his body board in between the handles and holding the handles wit both handles, we salute you, not cause you old enough for drink, but by you doing dat, we can be entertained while we drink. Tanks eh. We going raise our bottle and give you one salute then shotgun um.

Real local kine hero.

Note- thanks to the kid who was riding his bike back from one of the beaches and he had his body board all slick in between da handle bars. Coming soon we going salute his partnah, kid riding skateboard while holding his surf board.

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