Beyond I Stop

Note: I wrote this about two years ago and share it because I really like it. While it may no longer apply, it shows me where I have been. I have come to realize that we do not have to stop or lose ourselves in something so much that our dreams, that peace, is no more. Perhaps pause once in awhile in place of stopping. A brief respite here and there can be good along the journey.

Beyond I Stop

The sound of birds reached for beyond

Along with my ears, my eyes, my being 

Would travel

On this day

To lay my head on a bed

Of cotton, wood, stone, or earth

Is what I’d long dreamt
And always I stopped for her

Today she is my love

As she was long ago

And will be in years to come
Yet each time I stop I lose myself,

My peace, my dreams
I no longer know

Flowing water soothes as I write

A moment of peace finally have I tonight

But it will stop as it did before

Soon, it will be no more

Because I’ve always stopped for her

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