The vessel Take care Beware For while it seems separate It is linking All the while carrying To the Destination That is ?

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The Eyes

Eyes are powerful They display our state of being So much can be learned When looking deeply into The Eyes Of another… An adversary Will bare hatred, venom, rage Until the end Those eyes reflect such action A liar Whose words will dart here and there Eventually losing track of sense Just as the eyes […]

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Aloha ke Akua Aumakua Mauloa E lei, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie I am blessed I am rich In this life Because of my Ohana Mahalo nui loa I love you

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Delta looked out on the horizon and saw something… a warrior walked slowly, head down sword dragging behind him to others he appeared defeated but his pace was only slow because he’d traveled for a long time and his head down because sometimes, he liked to see where his steps were leading the sword was […]

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God’s Palm

The starlit ripple of the waves Glistened lightly In the moonless sky My skybound gaze in awe A smile breaks As I lay back in realization In the palm of God’s Hand Is this what it means to be?

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