The vessel
Take care
For while it seems separate
It is linking
All the while carrying
To the
That is

The Eyes

Eyes are powerful
They display our state of being
So much can be learned
When looking deeply into
The Eyes
Of another…

An adversary
Will bare hatred, venom, rage
Until the end
Those eyes reflect such action

A liar
Whose words will dart here and there
Eventually losing track of sense
Just as the eyes look away in the midst of lying

A lover
Eyes of joy, anger, sadness,
All emotions…
These eyes, people long for again or long to find

A child
Oh, the ecstacy of looking at
Everything for the first time
Many times
These eyes are pure

Your own eyes
When was the last time you looked
Into the depth of your own being
What lies within your eyes?

To Learn From Dancing Butterflies

Three butterflys danced before my eyes today
Two caught in a warm embrace
One was denied
Went so far as to stop its dance,
Waiting on the base of the small branch
Though I could not tell if it was watching
For with eyes too small and far away
I could feel it wait as
It gave away the grace of its wings
Poor butterfly
Did not realize how beautifully it danced
Even without a partner
Though vastly different
Wouldn’t you say people are much the same?
So caught on pursuit of something
Failing to see the beauty in each of our own steps
Stopping amidst flight
Disregarding our own beauty…
Always remember
It’s never to late to let our wings fly


Aloha ke Akua
Aumakua Mauloa
E lei, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie, ie

I am blessed
I am rich
In this life
Because of my
Mahalo nui loa
I love you


Delta looked out on the horizon and saw something…

a warrior walked slowly,
head down
sword dragging behind him
to others
he appeared
but his pace was only slow
because he’d traveled for a long time
and his head down
because sometimes,
he liked to see where his steps were leading
the sword was not aloft for there was no need to use it at this time
that’s the thing with life
the many battles he’d won, lost or otherwise
were never viewed from his perspective by others
couldn’t be understood by them
so while to the others
it looked as though he failed
he had fallen and would continue
he knew
that so long as he stood back up
after each fall, each loss
so long as he did not stop
the greatness,
the simplicity of being,
would always travel with him

God’s Palm

The starlit ripple of the waves
Glistened lightly
In the moonless sky
My skybound gaze in awe
A smile breaks
As I lay back in realization
In the palm of God’s Hand
Is this what it means to be?