Rainy Moon

the moon
with light rain
gently kissing
the stream
creates images
of a dancing star


free flowing soaring
through the sky and the waves of life
as we look before
and sometimes after
forgot not to look
for it is presently that
you and i
truly are


arise and give thanks
for it is within
that all that was sought
can be found
rejoice and give praise
for the separation that was
thought to exist
never was
God’s whispering message
of each moment
missed because we
did not listen to what is inside
never too late
to start
and enjoy


We dream of the future
While living in the past
When God’s gift
The present

The Maxims of Delta – The Awakening

And like a veil being lifted
The darkness became light
And Delta saw that he was
Playing charades
Still wearing a mask
How could he teach?
What could he relay?
Who could he help?
When he thought he was starting to know
He shook his head with a laugh and
Realized he knew nothing
And in knowing nothing
He was truly beginning to
Leaving behind the cloud that filled his brain
Parting the curtain that shaded his eyes
For as much as Delta had wished to help the world
He began to help himself
In so doing
The end became
The beginning
And the beginning the end for
Now is the only time that matters
Delta spoke
To the outsider it appeared
But he knew
That it was only through the one
Did the words flow
No longer resisting
The true essence
Of Being


About this traveling
The Journey
Through the
Detachment from Attachments

The Fruit

The fruit has been hanging on the tree for some time now
Each day there seems to be more and more
One day the fruit will fall into the stream and be no more
This causes angst for
I want to eat every piece of fruit on the tree
Is that wrong?
Or is it wrong that the fruit will fall and be wasted
Because the stream, height of branches, and a fence
Bar my way
Isn’t that a waste?
Or is my blindess in focusing
On all the fruit
And not on a single piece
Or the dance of its branches
The way the light illuminates the leaves
Perhaps I have already eaten from the tree
And will still eat long after the fruit has gone
The season ends
Because the true fruit is in the presence
Of the connection within each moment