Commentary 01-Talk Pidgin

What we know as pidgin in Hawaii is a way of speaking that many consider to be “broken” or “poor” English. This could not be farther from the truth. Pidgin is actually a Creole and is known as Hawaii Creole English. While it may share some features of the English language, it is separate and […]

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Talk Pidgin

Dey say: No talk lidat Cause make you sound uneducated Ignorant Stupid Den, No can get one good job Not goin do nothin good Unprofessional Losah We say: It’s our birthright

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i used to look at trees growing somewhere by themselves without any other trees around and think that they were sad. i felt such sorrow as i gazed upon these beings without any other to keep them company. how much greater must it be to live in the forest? i have only begun to realize […]


Commentary 00- Spirituality

Intro A large reason why I write is because I wish to comment on the world condition and how I see it through my eyes and how I might offer ideas for change, happiness, evolution, etc. A huge reason I blog is because this allows me to do just that while further understanding my own […]

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Seemingly We are all flies Born from shit Only trying to survive How little we know When our truth is more like that of the caterpillar With the potential to develop the spiritual cocoon Transcending the crawling that we know of life To fly beautifully


Spiritual Journey

Spiritual journey Rebel on a Quest Used to think I could never rest Would often second-guess Every move I made It weighed heavy on my chest Little did I know That this journey of towards true existence Needed that to start the quest To prepare me for all that lies ahead Cause I tell you […]

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I wander I go Where I go I find whatever is next Is what’s next As I have wandered My feelings Have melted away So all that is left Is the experience Of Wandering

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