Commentary 00- Spirituality

A large reason why I write is because I wish to comment on the world condition and how I see it through my eyes and how I might offer ideas for change, happiness, evolution, etc. A huge reason I blog is because this allows me to do just that while further understanding my own self. I have offered a few pieces in the past, the very start of this site and feel an urge to do so again. So let it begin…

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There is a certain tone to much of the writing I have done recently as I have been focused on eliminating previous notions I’ve held because of societal and cultural subjugation of the collective mind. That and I have dove into my spiritual quest with great vigor.

Writing is a tremendous experience and it really does no justice to spirituality. Once spirituality is defined or labeled in a such a way, it is then packaged without everything else that makes up the “universal onness of the being that is”. LOL. That is the best way I can make it as broad without doing as much injustice as some other packagings I’ve seen.

At any rate, I strive to communicate as best as I can my observations and welcome any other observations as I think the goal is to become a “conscientious observer” of life. I thought of that phrase sometime after the last election as in all honesty, I was really in the middle. I have found myself accused of neutrality and indifference time and time again and in that process. It was then, I came to the conclusion, that in life, it was necessary

In Hawaii Creole or Pidgin as we lovingly call it here, there is a term: Shoots. It is the end all and be all of words. Bernie Mac spoke of how Motha****er was a versatile word. I offer “Shoots” to be just as versatile. It is the greatest closing in my opinion and I’ve been tickled each time someone new to the word incorporates it. Especially in the right context.

Life is in our favor Brothers and Sisters.


One thought on “Commentary 00- Spirituality

  1. JMAW, I like that term, “conscientious observer”. Lately I have been seriously analyzing my current paradigm. I think that just as technology progresses at a certain rate, and at any one moment there is a certain “state of the art” which is the apex of all current and previous scientific intellectual forces pushing the research. I also believe that there is some apex upon which all past philosophical intellectual forces reside. As we learn more about any one subject, this peak grows taller, and the climb to the top gets tougher. As we ascend this mountain of knowledge, we aspire to stand on the peak, because then we can see all that is below, we can see the entire mountain from way up high! Unfortunately, in order to reach that summit, we must know and understand everything that has ever been concieved regarding that subject… which is, in fact, impossible. So the ages of information ebb and flow, with as much information being saved and stored as possible by all means… scrolls to iPods, and as the Great Library at Alexandria crumbled, so one day will the Smithsonians. So why should we fret in the face of natural disaster? Why worry that we might lose all we have worked for? I believe that in this absolute cycle, the rarefaction between the highest mountains of knowledge ever amassed by Humans is… inevitable. I suffice to believe that I am just another one of the 6 billion people who won’t be alive in a hundred years. So, alas, I find myself a “conscientious observer” of life as well, and I let the tides flow, not worrying weather they are rising or falling.


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