Spiritual Journey

Spiritual journey
Rebel on a Quest
Used to think I could never rest
Would often second-guess
Every move I made
It weighed heavy on my chest
Little did I know
That this journey of towards true existence
Needed that to start the quest
To prepare me for all that lies ahead
Cause I tell you one thing
I know this ends when I’m dead
On one level
So I best make the most of my physical being
Alive and start seeing
Allowing me to strive
On and on, on and on, on and on and…
Until the sojourn has been completed
My life never cheated my essence
Of the adventure in its totality
The ups, the downs,
All smiles, some frowns
Cause it’s all for the eternal soul
So roll on to the next dimension
As the ascenscion continues
Believe and love,
The message He gives you

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