Talk Pidgin

Dey say:
No talk lidat
Cause make you sound uneducated
No can get one good job
Not goin do nothin good
We say:
It’s our birthright

3 thoughts on “Talk Pidgin

  1. Hmmm…

    I don’t think it’s the “right” that people are talking about.

    Would this be similar to replacing every time you say the word ‘the’, with the word ‘hamster’.

    Sure, It’s your birthright, but speaking poor English will not really look that great when trying to get a job, or trying to be professional.


  2. Personally I believe there is a time and a place for it. My husband was born and raised here, he was told growing up by his parents, who too were born and raise here, NOT to speak pidgin. So, he learned both. It does make a difference when speaking with others from other places. Here in the islands it’s common, known expected almost, however, go to another state for work or pleasure you will run into a lot of obstacles from speaking pidgin, whether or not it’s right or fair is irrelevant, it’s fact. My children will be raised the same way, it’s like have them be bilingual, they will have the ability to speak and “be heard” with anyone without obstacle.


  3. Cori, I totally support your approach to this issue. You pretty much nailed it. I believe that some cultural changes were shaped and molded by the ones with political and economic influence who will stop at nothing to maintain their control. These are the same type of people that arrived in the days of Capt. Cook and engineered the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. I believe that they are more than thrilled when they hear a young, intelligent local person speaking Pidgin, or worse, broken English. They are especially thrilled when they hear this young spark of potential condemn themselves to a life of mid to lower economic class because they refuse to learn both proper Pidgin and English. It’s almost as if they’re beating you with your own pride! Hawaii may be the only State that was once it’s own (self-sufficient) Kingdom, but you’re FAR from being the only ones that have been totally screwed by certain powerful groups of people. Look around you… all over the world people are getting the shaft from a small group that has the power. You need to get a plan and stick it to The Man!


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