eh boy get ova hea how many times i gotta tell you no climb up dat tree bumbye you fall down dese keeds i tell you no can be lidat but eh das how wen you stay young stay on top’a’da world can do any kine it’s all good brah… i remembah wen i was […]



the best of me… i’m yet to see. when will it be? ever perhaps never is it forever? always is never was a two way way mirror one view blocks the truth the other looks right through to find the world is mine just as it belongs to you



I wake up in da morning Givin thanks and praise To God fo givin me One moa day I pray for forgiveness Cause I wen sin And will again and again Not cause I’m filled with malice Cause I trying fo balance All dat’s within I ask to be Taken to anotha level One greater […]



Fo so long I been away On dis journey uh Fo try and discover Who I am Where I stay go Or go stay Despite my actions My seemingly irrational kine behavior I hope you know Ohana is one of my main values I get guilty kine feelings Like I no call enough Or I […]

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Drip Drop

Drip drop Das da sound I hea every night Da kine dat symbolizes Home Hilo No mattah if no moa rain Brah, I bet I could be in one desert I still can hea No is more, means more I can feel Cause is one blessing So no mattah was goin on I think of […]

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Sometimes uh We all slip And as much as I no like fall down It’s good uh Small kine remindah Dat I still goin grow some moa You know is true dat we are Our own worse critics Sometimes uh Kinda trips me out How I hard I am on myself Is like one fire […]

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