Fo so long
I been away
On dis journey uh
Fo try and discover
Who I am
Where I stay go
Or go stay
Despite my actions
My seemingly irrational kine behavior
I hope you know
Ohana is one of my main values
I get guilty kine feelings
Like I no call enough
Or I neva been home long time
Is nothing personal
I neva forget
You, my ohana, is always with me
Forever one huge part
Of all I am
I not goin’ forget
I jus wanted fo put dat out there
Ohana, my ohana, means so much
Sometimes words is just dat words
Dese words is moa
And I no even know
If I can eva show
How much you even mean
I guess I jus
Gotta keep prayin’
Livin’, learnin’
And den one day
It’ll all be how it should
Cause even though
I no stay around
Or long time we neva talk stories
Everyting I trying fo do
Is because of
And for the future
So dat wot you wen give to me
We can share wit da rest of
Our ohana

Mahalo ke Akua

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