eh boy
get ova hea
how many times
i gotta tell you
no climb up dat tree
bumbye you fall down
dese keeds
i tell you
no can be lidat
but eh
das how
wen you stay young
stay on top’a’da world
can do any kine
it’s all good
i remembah wen
i was one keed
had choke dreams
wanted fo be one fireman
cause it’s like the most cherriest job
full-time hours, part-time style
work like ten days a month
c’mon, who can beat dat
and den wit my free time
i could write one tv series
set in hawaii
be real local style
not da kine birds of paradise of wotevas
how mean would dat be?
solid, i know
but eh
i wen miss da test fo be one fireman
no come around too often eitha,
well wen you young
3 years is one long time
i neva wen try again
got one good government job anyway
sometimes i feel like i wen geev up da dream
but eh
get choke good firemen out dea
and maybe one day
some one will make one series about Hawaii
da real kine
eh boy!
wot i wen tell you
no do dat
wot if you fall?
moa better you cruis’em
no chance ’em

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