the chill
it is trying to consume me
this time
it’s different
only the chill of the air
when in the past
it was something more
something empty
a feeling
that i know
yet i have somewhat let of
i only keep it to remember
to see where i’ve been
to show me where to go
the guidance of experience
the truth found in
struggle, pain, duress
all pointing
to the light
as if they
were light itself

Hawaii Warrior Football

The University of Hawaii Warrior football team defeated the five-time defending WAC Champion Boise State team tonight for sole possession of the WAC title, the first time in the history of the program. The 11-0 Warriors season is far from over as the PAC-10 Washington Huskies stand in the way of an unbeaten season. The Huskies were the only other team to beat Boise, who were coming off a BCS Bowl victory and and its own storybook undefeated season. Still, this is cause for celebration.

For years, the fans have been there, win or lose, rain or shine, for the Rainbows, Rainbow Warriors, Warriors or whatever name the team had at the time. We remember the years under VonAppen, the tragedies on and off the field. We cheered as Timmy Chang broke the NCAA career yardage record just as we cringed when the interception record was broken simultaneously. We scratched our heads while trying to figure out June Jones’ astronomical salary and celebrated on NFL Draft Day when one of our players were picked. We’ve been there.

If the Cowboys are America’s Team, this is Hawaii’s Team. To say tonight’s victory was the biggest moment/feat in its history is an understatement, this is something great for the history of Hawaii and her people. This team unites our people, brings together our islands. At a time, when our economy is crazy, each island fending for its own and at times seemingly light years away on where we stand, this team is a reminder of the unification from the past. This team brings us back together.

Mahalo Warriors, you have done yourselves proud, and have given a great gift to the program, the University, and to this great State, dare I say Nation, our beloved Hawaiian Kingdom.

Thanksgiving ’07 – Dole House

Aloha Ohana! It’s that time of year where we gather around the table with our loved ones, grind one meal (or two or three or moa depending how many houses you gotta stop).

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It always has been. It was so cool small keed time cause it was one meal, get four days off from school, and it meant Christmas was around the corner. My Gran would take me and my cousins, Cybil and Keone, to go Macy’s right afta fo see all the decorations. I remember was so funny to look at “snowy” christmas trees cause was something out of the norm in Hawaii but it wen match cause was Christmas, uh.

Wen we wen move Big Island, was cool cause we got to spend time wit Grandma and Old (he is Old Buddy, I’m Young Buddy, that’s what it is). My Mom would always cook a turkey and a ham, scalloped potatoes, peas/cheese/pickles/pineapples and everything else plus my Grandma in Hilo can cook/bake mean too, so always had some awesome dessert: Triple Layered Coconut Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cherry Cake, pies, all kines, was solid, fo sure gain ten pounds by the end of the night. At some point someone would call Troy, my big brother, who never live B.I. and describe the feast. Actually, we would call him around any big meal cause our family likes to and can grind.

The first Thanksgiving I spent away from home was in 2000, the first year I lived back on Oahu. I got to spend time with family ova hea after my shift at Safeway and it was cool but real different cause it was the first time I wasn’t at home.

The seven years since have been a mixture of cool experiences and whatnot. I would go to my Aunty guys’ house and we would talk stories and grind. Was cool cause with how life goes down, sometimes you no see all the people who are important to you as much as you’d like and alot of the family I grew up on Oahu would be there so was real nice.

Which brings me to this Thanksgiving. I recently moved into the Dole House. The Dole House is a house on Dole Street, LOL. Wot? You were expecting something moa crazy, eh, especially since I can be so seemingly random at times. Anyway, our ohana of friends from UH have had this house for years. I never lived here but always wanted to cause I dunno, it’s something you just feel the moment you get here. Plus everyone else wen live here and I was like the only one who neva so even though it was sad to see Germ go, it was exciting to move in.

I don’t know how old the house is but it’s got some wear and tear. It’s not like it’s decrepit or falling apart like the dorms at UH but it’s pretty lived in. When you approach Dole House you find the patio with a couch, a hammock, many chairs surrounding an old Hale Aloha dorm lounge table. This area is like a rec-room/gym with the assortment of items we have: trampoline, kegs, tents, christmas decorations, and boxing gear. There’s even Fred, a turtle in a kids turtle pool, and Naomi and Brad have a small garden started. With all of that, the patio is more sanctuary than clutter…

Then you go inside and you find our living room. One wall is filled with pictures from the years showing all the people who lived here or made it to one of the legendary BBQ’s. Even Hilo, my puppy for a short time, is on the wall. This wall is like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, if you no moa one picture, same thing, you no moa one star. The living room from what I hear has gone through many changes, our current incarnation is focused around the old school video games and choke movies. You’ll also find a Slipknot poster, a classic print of what looks like a famous painting, and a picture of BJ Penn with some real Muay Thai shorts hung beneath it. Alongside BJ is the “Scepter”, an old cooking spoon with a history and story of its own. Even the bathroom here has personality with Tony Montana sharing the space with a poster painting of a dolphin and a sunrise. Oh and let’s not forget the picture of Hilary Duff with a moustache drawn in or Brian/Bob/Robert/Fatty, truly a house cat who left his original owners multiple times and wound up just staying at the here.

It’s just something about the Dole House. You just feel welcome and better. Yesterday I had a pretty off day but it all changed once I got home, saw everyone, and found the turkey soaking in a brine in a plastic garbage bag. I couldn’t stop laughing. Neither could Gavin when he learned about some canned gravy that a friend had left behind. LOL, this house and the people. To quote the immortal word of Kevin Sahara, “Wow!”

Thanksgiving to me, is about appreciation for everything about life, each other, and from Akua. It is truly awesome. Thanksgiving ’07 for me is about home in particular. Hawaii permeates my essence so it’s my Hawaii, forever my heart and my home. Hilo will always be home even though I was born and lived Oahu longer because it gave me so much in my development and still gives me it’s laid-back peace no matter where I am. I’ve lived over ten places since I moved from Hilo and for the first time since I’ve been here I feel at home. Gavin uses this expression, “As corny as it sounds, if you make a house a home that’s what it is… a home.” I couldn’t agree more.

Mahalo nui to all my family and friends(who have really become family). I love you all.



Love Poem

These days the
Flows gotten more specific
When in days past not long reminiscent
My mind so torn with thoughts so explicit
Could not help and believe
That I was just wrong for this world
When in fact, I was different
Never saw the truth
Until I was torn
That I was always gifted
With a love so pure
That it could endure
Any extreme
Of that I am sure
What I learned through
It all is that
There is a cure
For all that plagues
Men, women, children
Loves not lost
It’s only been forgotten
Time we remember and
Get on to be the chosen
Fortunate are we
With each and every breath
Ironic how that simplicity
Takes us closer to our deaths
So love,
Cause it’s not lost
It’s only been forgotten
Forgive now live
Strive for you are chosen
This life, this gift
May be all we have
Live on through your deeds
Plant seeds
And your love will never be forgotten


These words
That I write
Are meant to incite
A riot deep within
Each Being
It’s about that time
In our conscious
When we break free
From the conditioned
Cerebral prison
Embrace your divinity
You feel in there
I know it is
That’s why I care
To see those coming
Live in a world
That will treat them
Better than it did me
A world where
Our people will truly
Be free

Commentary 0WHY?- Hawaii Craigslist Rants and Raves/Better Tomorrow?

I have a guilty pleasure. I get two actually. One is to look at Missed Connections in Craigslist just cause it’s funny (and ahdunno maybe that beautiful wahine I saw earlier in the day or week posts about me). Two is go into the Rants and Raves section. I think I goin’ stick wit One and say Aloha to two cause it’s more or less ridiculous, raving rant woteva it is.

It’s cool when an event goes down and you get some thoughtful posts, like the different views on the SuperFerry or the coming election. Sometimes get real funny pictures like President Bush offering Dog Chapman a beer to console him recently. Granted, that’s probably not the most tasteful of photos but it was funny that someone would put those two together.

For the most part though, I find that I am not getting any more intelligent reading the posts. In Hawaii Craigslist Rants and Raves in particular, it’s mostly just: “I hate Haoles, Hawaiians are stupid, no the Haoles are the ones, no you both are, no mine is bigger than yours, no I’m both so what does that mean and I have the biggest one.”

Now, if you’ve read any of my other commentaries, you might be able to grasp why this is of any consequence at all to me. In fact, I’m just tired of it. I pledge my life breath to seeing this racist bullshit ended here in Hawaii because that wasn’t what it was about back in the day and if you talk to any real down people, that’s not what it ever was supposed to be now, then, any kine at all, period.

If you look at this earth, we are all in it, on it: TOGETHER. Nainoa Thompson put it best when he compared this world to being like an island in the universe. What one says, does, believes is certainly going to impact the other, multiple others. Let’s erase this pattern and cycle of hatred bumbye it just perpetuates.

Think about this, the Hawaii “State” motto is “Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono” which means “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.”

The Life…

Of the Land…

Is Perpetuated…

In Righteousness.

What is our land going to be if we continue to hate and not accept? We can never erase the wrongs of the past, but can’t we strive to heal enough to perpetuate a healthier tomorrow for our future brothers and sisters, our keiki? Wouldn’t we want the future not to have to experience what wen hurt us growing up?

I’m not here to preach or profess because Akua knows I’ve lived far from a righteous life at times. But I’m striving to be better as are most people I would venture to say. I’d journey further to say that at some level, we’d all like to leave this world knowing we made it a little better than when we got here.

So what are we going to do? We could continue on with ignorance, let past hatred and wrong continue to perpetuate. Basically, living in the darkness. We’ve seen what that does…

We can work to put aside our differences, our insecurities, our pain. We can love. We can be that light. And change will happen. Maybe they’ll call me a prophet some day with my “extreme idealism” as some people like to say. I just say it’s time we live in righteousness and love. Dat guy who was hea 2,000 years ago told us to be lidat already. I think we are ready.



On Vibin’ Off Track

And just like that
I’m back on track
If there is a track
I couldn’t tell you
One way or the other
You like know wot?
I think it’s one vibe
And it flows all ova
So you choose wot part
You like be a part of
And life work out da rest
So again I see
There really is no need fo stress
Jus’ be happy
And get good rest
Say your prayers
And take your vitamins
Cause Hogan Knows Best
And them are some good words
Just lidat
Wen it looks like I went off-track
I’m back on
It’s da vibe I tell you
It’s da vibe
Wen feeding positive
With moa positive
Even moa positive
Going come your way
I guess you could say