the chill it… it is trying to consume me this time it’s different only the chill of the air when in the past it was something more something empty a feeling that i know yet i have somewhat let of i only keep it to remember to see where i’ve been to show me where […]


Hawaii Warrior Football

The University of Hawaii Warrior football team defeated the five-time defending WAC Champion Boise State team tonight for sole possession of the WAC title, the first time in the history of the program. The 11-0 Warriors season is far from over as the PAC-10 Washington Huskies stand in the way of an unbeaten season. The […]

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Love Poem

These days the Flows gotten more specific When in days past not long reminiscent My mind so torn with thoughts so explicit Could not help and believe That I was just wrong for this world When in fact, I was different Never saw the truth Until I was torn That I was always gifted With […]

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These words That I write Are meant to incite A riot deep within Each Being It’s about that time In our conscious Evolution When we break free From the conditioned Cerebral prison Embrace your divinity You feel in there I know it is That’s why I care To see those coming Live in a world […]


On Vibin’ Off Track

And just like that I’m back on track If there is a track I couldn’t tell you One way or the other You like know wot? I think it’s one vibe And it flows all ova So you choose wot part You like be a part of And life work out da rest So again […]

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