Commentary- Realization

I realized something today as I was closing up shop at work. Viewer Discretion advised. Eh, not really but yeah read on if interested, steer away if not because the topic is controversial.

I was cleaning up and saw the headline of the Star Bulletin about Duane Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter or Dog, the Dog, the big bad Dog, etc. The Bounty Hunter had been recorded repeating the N-word racial slur numerous times in a conversation with his son because his son was dating a black woman. The transcript was mostly blanked out expletives.

What I found interesting was that his whole point was that he didn’t feel any angst or hatred towards black people. He just used the word and was worried they could be perceived as racists because of the word which I guess was too hard to exclude from his vocabulary.

This got me thinking about my own views. At times in my writing, I’ve communicated how my life has been shaped by some racist and other cultural supremacy type experiences. Other times, I write about separating myself from these embraced social illusions that fill our belief systems and color our words.

What I realized there is that I’m contradicting myself just like the Dog. On the one hand, I truly believe that this is our world and is for all people regardless of what we look like and believe. On the other hand, I’ve clung to these experiences that have helped me to realize who I am.

I fight for anything, everything, and anyone local because of what has at times hurt me. But am I excluding others? Was not the way of the Hawaiians, whose blood runs not through me, but whose ideals I strive to emulate one of love? Did not Kamehameha fight to unify the islands? Wasn’t John Dominis, the Queen’s husband, white? Haven’t I given my being at times to helping or fighting for people regardless of who they are and where they are from?

My point is even though I strive to love all, bring all together, I’m wedging myself into a hole because I fail to let go of someone who called me “one haole fucka” or because someone else felt that pidgin sounds ignorant. In the end, I only have Akua and myself to answer to.

I refuse to let what others think to flavor my life stew any further. That’s not to say I won’t take into consideration the thoughts and views of others, far from it. I am just choosing a new paradigm. One of neutral acceptance, truly be a conscientious observer, because it’s my attachments to the world that has at times hurt me. I gave power to others regardless of if they were racist, ignorant, or otherwise.

Let’s form a new world.



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