I miss you
How could you leave me
What happened to us
I know I messed up
You messed up
We both messed up
But doesn’t everyone mess up
No I left you
My actions made it appear so
You did what you did
Because I did what I did
And there was pain
Though I only remember the smiles
But still
I loved you
I love you
I wanted us to be friends
Maybe I forgot what that meant
I didn’t know how either
I just knew that we were
Supposed to be a part of each others lives
No matter what
Your words
That we were never meant to be
Cut deeply
Wrenched out a piece of something
That I only knew because I knew you
And yet
Though I’ve lost something of myself
In the process I’ve found more
And you’re gone
But I’m alive
More so than ever
Which is why
I can’t understand
Why my love has grown
It has for all things
A greater appreciation
Has taken the place of sadness
And with that
Were such a large part of me
I think that’s why
I love you more
And always will
Even though
Your words
They cut
My actions
They burned
Us, really no more
I learned to love
Lost myself in order
To really find who I am
So as much as this is
As it is I love you
Thank you
For this experience

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