Commentary- Mahalo eh/On top da World

Earlier this year when came into being, I was trying to figure out what to write about. I mean, I get choke interests and all dat so was small kine hard to narrow down. Plus as a writer, I figured eh, why not try something and see where it goes, maybe can help me on multiple levels, learn more about myself, make some cash, have an outlet, make some cash, communicate with the world, make some cash, inspire others. I jest about the cash, but eh, we live in this dimension of existence right now and gotta pay da bills uh, so why not do what you enjoy and get paid same time.

So I wen hem and haw and blah blah blah and yeah. Nada. Junk names at first. I mean The Simple Voice was almost the Mongoosed Snake or something lidat. I forget, I just remember tossing that name out there. But the name came. Then I started writing and little bit hits. Was told that we only had like less than 7 visitors a week. All kine stuff. Then was critiqued by my webmaster for the content choice and pidgin format on numerous occasions. So at times, I’ve wondered what I am doing posting on here. What was the point? Thinking lidat, uh.

But eh, I’m a huge believer in things working themselves out when you no stress. I realized I’m a writer because I write not because of what other people think about it or if anyone even reads it.

So I quit putting so much focus on the other kine thoughts and just got to writing. I wrote and wrote. I wrote my observations. I hit the poetry even though what I always wanted to do was commentary and other creative ventures. I even resurrected Delta and his Maxims. I just kept the flow and if anything, I was/am happy with the outcome. There’s some posts on here that are really close to my heart and that allowed me a release or a respite.

And you know what, without even thinking about it a few milestones have recently occurred/wen actualize. The first, we have over 100 posts on the site. Next, we are in the top google search pages for Hawaii Creole (page one, number eight) and Hawaii Pidgin (page three, number 27). When you add blog to that we are at number one and two for each respective search.

So I just want to say Mahalo to everyone. It’s because of life, the people, the experiences, Hawaii, the mana, love and aloha, that we are here, there, all over, and Akua above all…

Then what does it all mean then JMAW? I dunno. Just like the Hawaii Warrior Football team is ranked high on both non-computer polls, it’s still fighting to be recognized by the BCS and there’s more games left to play. While on the one hand it’s cool that the rankings are lidat, it really doesn’t mean anything. Plus, it’s not why I wrote what I wrote in the way that I wrote it. (Ho brah, how many more times can fit write in a sentence).

So for now, stay on top of the Google search world for whatever for however long and I got to say it’s solid. And you know what, if we can find happiness in every little corner, the smallest thing, even if no matter to anyone else, isn’t that what life is supposed to be about?



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