Da kine thoughts on Job Hunting

Brah, this make no sense at all
I know
Be patient, uh
Going happen wen the time is right
Gotta focus your energy
All dat kine
But brah,
I got to be one of da most qualified people
Who no can get a job
I wen get variety of experience
I was one manager for two years
Can mediate and negotiate
Like I bargaining for one hostage
And yet,
Still I been in the job market
Fo’ months now
And no, it’s not cause I talk pidgin
It’s not cause I write pidgin
Cause I know gotta go chameleon
For job interviews
So instead of saying Brah
I say Sir or Ma’am
And even though it’s lidat
It is like this
Sometimes I don’t know
My psychic
Dat guy
He tell me
You gotta focus
You givin’ the Universe mix signals
So I go focus
I go read da books
Om bitches!
My Kahu
He tell me
No worry bradah
Wot is time
Back in da day, da people
Neva worry
I not goin’ worry
Oh wow, I just wen
Spend ten minutes
Writing hea and re-writing
But I tell you wot
Dis is my vent
My rant
My woteva to da process
Of finding one job
In da supposed rich market of Hawaii
Where get little bit unemployed right now
K, I pau
Das all
Now if any of you job hunters out dea
Checking dis out
Sing your praise
Cause you know how hard is fo find
Da right, sometimes any fit
Eh, and you employers
I like say you word dat rhymes with suckas
But begins wit da letter in between e and g
But I goin’ say dis
Especially if you like hire me
Ho, bully, I recant
You da best
I was waiting fo dis

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