Outta Control

Round and round
Spinnin’ like a top
Wondering at wot point
It all goin’ stop
Head’s spinnin’
Mind’s outta control
Far from da heart
On its own island
Wot I mean?
Wot you think?
Stop, re-read
Let’um all sink
Deep within
Like one message
Expressed from da soul
I sayin’
My mind is outta control
Das why I write
To make sense of
It all
Ideas, Dreams
Catch the drift
Of the tide
My words wave?
Wot I mean?
You sure
You no mean
I know?
I think you do
Cause always goin get
Times wen
Your mind stay off-island
Up in da sky
Drifting tru da clouds
Is that a bird, no one plane
Or is it all things?
So much to do
All in it’s own time
Patience they said
I know I stay tryin’
Fo’ be the best me
To save the best
Fo’ da kids
With wot we pave
Through how we live
Wen da past we forgive
And only in love
Da future goin begin
To truly live

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