Hawaii Warrior Football

The University of Hawaii Warrior football team defeated the five-time defending WAC Champion Boise State team tonight for sole possession of the WAC title, the first time in the history of the program. The 11-0 Warriors season is far from over as the PAC-10 Washington Huskies stand in the way of an unbeaten season. The Huskies were the only other team to beat Boise, who were coming off a BCS Bowl victory and and its own storybook undefeated season. Still, this is cause for celebration.

For years, the fans have been there, win or lose, rain or shine, for the Rainbows, Rainbow Warriors, Warriors or whatever name the team had at the time. We remember the years under VonAppen, the tragedies on and off the field. We cheered as Timmy Chang broke the NCAA career yardage record just as we cringed when the interception record was broken simultaneously. We scratched our heads while trying to figure out June Jones’ astronomical salary and celebrated on NFL Draft Day when one of our players were picked. We’ve been there.

If the Cowboys are America’s Team, this is Hawaii’s Team. To say tonight’s victory was the biggest moment/feat in its history is an understatement, this is something great for the history of Hawaii and her people. This team unites our people, brings together our islands. At a time, when our economy is crazy, each island fending for its own and at times seemingly light years away on where we stand, this team is a reminder of the unification from the past. This team brings us back together.

Mahalo Warriors, you have done yourselves proud, and have given a great gift to the program, the University, and to this great State, dare I say Nation, our beloved Hawaiian Kingdom.

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