Outta Control

Round and round Spinnin’ like a top Wondering at wot point It all goin’ stop Head’s spinnin’ Mind’s outta control Far from da heart On its own island Wot I mean? Wot you think? Stop, re-read Let’um all sink Deep within Like one message Expressed from da soul I sayin’ My mind is outta control […]

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Wen Stressin’

Sometimes uh I wondah Wen I goin get um right Not like I stay getting um wrong I know But I think to mah’self Brah, you get Dis, dis, and dat Goin fo’ you How come You still strugglin’ No mo dat much to show Compared wit othas Das wen I look up Give thanks […]

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I miss you How could you leave me What happened to us I know I messed up You messed up We both messed up But doesn’t everyone mess up No I left you My actions made it appear so You did what you did Because I did what I did And there was pain Though […]



The downpour Not a flood A mere drench If one could be so Has filled my day The light barely peeked through Though this was not dark It was needed Symbolized a new beginning Begun with a cleansing That began recently Yet was always there

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Out of my mind

This is not a thought experiment I’m out of my mind Many reasons could be why The most pressing is Reflection upon the past Events, yes People mostly I think of You Can remember when it was Us That’s long gone I guess The memories at time Still seem fresh I think about what I’m […]

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