to become One

Unify… To become One… Some have said that souls are either here to LEARN or REMEMBER. Is there really an “either or”? Really has not the Now arrived to the point for all to come together. It seems to be the next step. Religion has taken our beings to one place just as science is […]

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Dyin’ fo live

Eh, is small kine ironic That we live only to die No make sense, uh Should we be Dyin’ fo live Our lives to the fullest Cause one day it’s going to be All pau Just lidat And then what? No one in this world Goin agree what’s next But can agree what’s now And […]

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Holiday Thoughts

Holiday Thoughts so it’s that time of year, ok, i know, it’s been that time of year ever since christmas crept up on Halloween, i remember when the Christmas stuff used to come out much later. Gavin did a good job of comparing holidays to celebrities. i’ll do my best to relay his message since […]

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Gifts We Keep Giving

No mattah Wea you stay go Or wea you goin stay You local You think you lost it Br-ah, no ways! How can? I hear it in your voice Feel it in your energy Know that, you live it Long time, uh, you been traveling I proud of you You went places Did things None […]

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