Gifts We Keep Giving

No mattah
Wea you stay go
Or wea you goin stay
You local
You think you lost it
Br-ah, no ways!
How can?
I hear it in your voice
Feel it in your energy
Know that, you live it
Long time, uh, you been traveling
I proud of you
You went places
Did things
None of us could, would
Whetha o not we should
Mean, uh, your journey
You know da best part?
You took Hawaii wit you
You wen share’um wit the world
I know the future’s uncertain
Your time goin come
Until then
No rush
We on Hawaiian Time
And you going get there
When you do
The days can seem dark
But get choke light
I telling you cuz
Cause I know… I just, do
Keiki o ka Aina
No mattah wea you stay
No mattah wea you go
Seems wrong, right?
No worries
You goin find
You already on your way
You already there
Was, will be
Whetha you still hea
O wea eva you stay out dea
You was always hea
Keiki o ka aina
You always take’um with you
One mean gift we keep getting
And dat we get to give too


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