Holiday Thoughts

Holiday Thoughts

so it’s that time of year, ok, i know, it’s been that time of year ever since christmas crept up on Halloween, i remember when the Christmas stuff used to come out much later. Gavin did a good job of comparing holidays to celebrities. i’ll do my best to relay his message since he’ll never blog on it though he should…

Christmas is that A-lister. but not the A-lister like Denzel more like an A-lister like Tom Cruise minus the publicist jumping on Oprah’s couch even though people already loved him or it’s like drunken Kanye West mad at the MTV Europe Video Music Awards because his video didn’t win.

Christmas is lidat cause it is pretty much a year-round almost always in the spotlight and right when another holiday is getting it’s shine on Christmas jumps to the forefront. think about it, Christmas stuff was out at Halloween, there’s already Christmas music in July for those who don’t make it to year’s end (morbid, i know), it will only be a matter of time before Christmas is in the talks around Easter. perhaps, Christmas should have it’s own year-round Vegas show since Celine Dion is no longer continuing her show.

which segues nicely to Easter, the Medina to Christmas’s Mecca except it’s Jesus and not Mohammed. anyway, Easter is like a tried and true actor, maybe a Steve Buschemi or a solid part of the band but not the lead, like Travis Barker. it’s got pull, but it’s popularity is nowhere near that of Christmas.

Thanksgiving is also right up there with Christmas, but if the two were nominated for an award, Christmas would probably get it 4 of 5 times because it’s Christmas even though Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. and they say vote JMAW, because it really does count. uh, sure…

Halloween would be like a Johnny Cash, transcends generations but not everyone gets down with it.

then there’s all the other holidays, where you may or may not get the day off:

you got the 4th of July, that dude that just throws the best parties and did something great awhile back and really(no offense) is all it’s known for. there’s St. Paddy’s Day, can be big at times but falls out of the limelight quickly, hmmm, kind of like Colin Farrell.

then there’s the other religious and cultural holidays which don’t get props by the masses but are celebrated by many people around the world: Hanukkah, Mexico Day(El Dia de los Muertos), Chinese New Year, etc. these are those supporting character actors or band members.

we even have a holiday in Hawaii that’s kind of like Prince, Boys Day, I mean Children’s day or “the holiday formerly known as Boy’s Day”.

i could go on and on recognizing holidays and people but i’ll cut it because no disrespect if you’re not written about, that’s just how it goes when holidays become celebs. and this is just silly anyway, every day under the sun, the moon, the rain, whatever, is a beautiful day.

to all the people of the world, locals everywhere, na keiki o ka aina, Mele Kalikimaka and Aloha. take care and have a safe and wonderful Christmas.



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