The pieces
Were left behind
Shards of memories
Slicing my vision where ever I looked
I am in pain

The pieces
Have been picked up
It took some time
Probably longer than it should
But whose timeline am I on anyway?
I’ve put the pieces back together
I am renewed

The pieces
Don’t seem to add up
The simple voice in my heart
Tells me one thing
The abrasive one in my mind
Yells another
I am confused

The pieces
Are glowing!!!
With love. In love.
You… You’ve set the pieces on fire
I am love

The pieces
Cut me again
Where has the good time gone?
I am hurt

The pieces
Incite something primal within me
I want to destroy
All feeling, all life
I am anger

The pieces
Tear apart the picture
It’s no longer whole
I am sad

The pieces
When stepping back
Are smiling at me
Am I happy?

The pieces
Will come together
Just as they are strewn apart
For life is balance you see
And without experience of
This polar emotional spectrum
We’d not learn
What life could be
I am peace

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