Da Jolly Rogah

You see the skull
It symbolize wot we going
Leave behind

You see the spear
It shows that we will fight
For wot we believe in

You see the splintered paddled
It’s that law
That we going represent and take care
The people

And you see that flag
That just shows
Goin’ live on…


I imagine paradise
My dreams… Ginormous
As it all Shoots
With such Chi
The only thing I can say
Cause Bumbye
Get Cracks

The Spirit Never Breaks

The spirit never breaks
There have been times in life
Where my mind has been in chaos
Don’t know what to think, say, do
My mind felt broken

The spirit never breaks
Every heart break, ache, mistake
Time may heal, but the heart still bears the strain
Of life’s pain
F@c! sometimes it still pops up
My heart has been broken

The spirit never breaks
The adversity, the challenge, the
Younocanputyourfingeron’um of life
Will push, pull, prod, pierce, punch
Every ounce of your being
Try and make you tap every time
My mind has been destroyed, my heart obliterated
But the one thing that still carries
Me on
My spirit has never broken

Mahalo ke Akua, Thanks be to God, All Things Are Brahman, We are One

Love at First Sight

Love at first sight

Her eyes batted their lashes
In that ever telling way
That women use to say
His blush grew bright
As he could not find the words
Needed for a man to say
Oh, the folly of our gestures,
Our posture
If only we listened to the
Gentle voice that love spoke
Three words that surpassed a simple Hello
“I love you…”

Going Through the Motions

Going through the motions
So many of us just go
Through the motions
Of life
It’s quite perplexing
If I wasn’t so caught in
The motions of my life
I’d tell you why

Like Dance?

The wind like dance
Wit you
You feel um?
Ha, I do
I not trying fo’ diss
I only like you reminisce
On days when you
Once was light, like the wind,
Traveling any kine speed and direction
Sometimes no moa at all
Is funny how only small keeds
Can be lidat all the time
You be lidat now
Peopo goin think
Get something funny kine
With you
Sad, uh
But, eh, maybe time going
Change things
Maybe you’ll start dancing again
Das beauty right there,
Can always change, really can go back to a

Try listen

The Poet had nothing to say
Divine Inspiration was pau
“Is my work done?”
He asked the sky above
“Has my voyage come to a close?”
He pleaded with the ocean
Just then, a gentle caress of the wind
Snapped him, startled him
Thrust him back!
Back into the moment
He smiled
“I am not to write…”
He belted to the trees
“I have nothing to say…
He happily stomped into the ground
“I was supposed to be listening all along”
He shared to all around