They walk with such purpose
Or so they think
When really they walk
To the mindless brink

We walk in circles
Your way then mine
No mine not yours
All the while, wasting time

I’ve learned to walk
Just to walk, though I often forget
That walking is to walk
With no destination set

The Haunting

You’ve haunted
My dreams
For some time now

I love seeing you there
I only say haunt
Because we’ve shared
But the briefest of moments

An imprint
You did leave
Upon me
Every time our eyes locked
I still feel within the depths of my soul

A once tortured being
Now free and living
Wants to know
For I know
There is so much more

Until those days and nights
Come to pass
I’ll take this haunting
Greet you with a smile
Each time you enter my dreams
For then is now
For all eternity

The Threshold

I stand at the threshold
Of my life’s dream
How amazing it is to behold
A bit surreal it does seem

I have come a long way
On this journey of mine
Heeding here, ignoring there, all the things people would say
Because deep in my heart, I felt it would be just fine

It is now my time to cross through
Into the dream’s fullness
This beauty, this experience, so new
Yet with a familiar and gentle caress

For the Soul will always know
That any seed
If given the nourishment to grow
Can blossom indeed

Aloha… Aloha Airlines

Today’s report of Aloha Airlines filing for bankruptcy for the second time in two years shows just how it already is sinking it’s teeth into local behinds.

This whole thing is sad cause Aloha is locally owned. UH’s economic something or another just released a report that speculates the economy here is going to come to a halt shortly. Time for start stocking up on rice and spam cause prices is getting nuts like two drunk bradahs outside of Shooters in Hilo.

We can do something about this. I don’t have the sole answer but if we work together, build our community ohana, we going be good. Guarans. Just gotta laulima and take care.

Mahalo to all the people who are and have been a part of the Aloha Airlines Ohana.




Sparks fly
From that
Quiet place
Where heart
Wen work
For eons
That only
Feel like
Brand new

This is the
Immortal timeless
Energy that
Is and
Could only
Be love

In its most
No can even
Process state
That drives
All life

That is a beauty

The future…

In the, Future…

I imagine a beauty

Beyond which the mind cannot grasp

A community that is one

Together we overcome all adversity

A land that is replenished

Where we have set right to balance

Past imbalance

A life that is truly living

With a child’s dream allowed to live on

As that could be the catalyst for this

That is a beauty


There’s a sense of urgency
You see, my friend
The days not quite dawning its dusk
And yet, I feel as though there’s been waste
I am not filled with satisfaction
More so I am filled with disgust

There was a sense of urgency
You see, my friend
Back then I rushed, rushed…
I rushed
Had to fly through the day to get
That much closer to
Nothing really, no goals, only
Drive, a drive driving me quite surely
Insane really, far from happy

There is no urgency
Listen, my friend
Breathe deep, look around, take
It all
Hold it deep and close to your heart
Let your being be
Don’t let a sense of something deny
You the everlasting happy moment
Meant for our eternity